BBQ Grillware Vertical Propane Smoker from Lowe's

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Jun 3, 2007
Tampa, FL
Since there seems to be a lot of folks that are picking this smoker up, I thought I'd start a continuance of the thread that Virgo53 started here on this smoker.

Me and FlaGriller were having a sidebar about it, and I thought it would be a good idea to post it for further discussion about pros/cons and modifications that anyone's made or thinking about.

I'll get it started...

- relatively inexpensive vs. other vert gassers I've seen
- built with heavier gauge steel than the GOSM's and other vert's I've seen
- brass burner will last a LONG time
- very heavy cast iron burner box that might be a little larger than the GOSM's
- goes ~30 hours (est) on a 20# propane cylinder
- racks are easy to clean
- keeps temps stable with wind blowing
- once the temp settles where you want it, it's very easy to maintain it there

- Propane valve is pretty sensitive - there's a big temperature range in about an quarter of an inch turn
- Not nearly as wide as the GOSM deluxe
- I think the temp gauge on the door is off about 15F low but I'm having trouble verifying it (hasn't caused any cooking issues though)
- can't find a cover that fits down to the ground (I have the BBQ Grillware Smoker Cover from Lowes)
- temp delta between the bottom rack and the top rack is significant. top rack is about 15F high - I believe this is because the water dish is acting as a sheild. Not really a con, as I think this is common in vert smokers of this design.

So overall I like mine a lot, and a co-worker just picked one up on Saturday (7/29/07) on sale for $130 (I paid $170). The only issue I have so far with it is the that width of the smoker prevents me from doing something like a full packer cut brisket. Doing just the flat is OK though.

The door doesn't seal up 100%, but mine closes tight enough for only a little smoke to escape, which I don't think is a big deal. My dad bought one too and his door had a gap in the top left, so when we put it together we just bent it back down (gently) and now it's fine.

If you're looking for a gasser that doesn't take up much room, I think this is the best deal out there, especially if you can get one @ Lowes on sale like my co-worked did for $130. At that price it's a no-brainer.

Here's a pic:
Today is the day! I think I'll get the one off the floor that's alread assembled, do you think it'll have all the parts and be assembled well?
I agree with all of the above, It is really simple to use.

The smoke box will make you think your lifting weights, but I haven't had trouble with it. Temp variation in mine is just like stated by Dev*

My door leaks some smoke but not enough to worry about. Wind really doesn't affect it. Mine hasn't cooled down but sometimes the fire is effected, IE sounds like it tries to go out. Hasn't done it, so I willl simply watch it but not worry about it.

The hooks built into the top worked extremely well when I jury rigged two sets of ribs to hang vertically. These are perfect for hanging suasages. Very heavy duty and welded in.

I plan on posting PIX showing this smoker soon, I travel two weeks a month and have fixer upper things to do when I am in Summerville, That explains my intermittent responses and lack of my time to get data on here the right way.

Maybe we should start a thread that stays on the bottom of forums for depicting this smoker and give "how To's" specifically for it, as in the GOSM etc.


Look at the smoker and check that all the bolts/screws are installed for all attachments. Remove all of the grates and the smoke box and see if all the rack screws are there and tight. The most time consuming thing on "right out of the box" is finding somewhere to lay it down and just put all the screws and nuts in place. 2 persons recommended due to its weight and getting in position to place the hardware in. Breaking it in is a snap. You can stand up and spray it. Standing up and cooking with it, with a small "bend over" for the lower racks makes this a favorite of mine.

I have owned three smokers before this and this one "smokes" the rest of them in ease of use.

When it just starts whistling (quitely) when you turn the gas down to get the desired temp, I found that sound is where the temp will stabilize about 225-230. Temp gauge usually follows up a few minutes after adjustement with that temp.

Doesn't use much gas over time either.

Mike, More to come, just need time.
That is EXACTLY what mine does. I don't even look at where the knob is turned... I just close the top vent, start on high, and listen for the whistle as I turn it down, and I know I'm in the ballpark of where it should be and I can start tweaking it in 15-20 minutes.

One other thing I've noticed when I get up at 4am to start a large cut... when the sun comes up and hits it around 10am my temps jump as much as 30 deg, so I always make a thorough temp check around 10:30-11:00.

@ Watery Eyes - I'll get the measuring tape out when I get home from work and give it a thorough checking out. Wife and kids are out of town right now, so I'm a little bored - so maybe I'll crank out a rudimentary CAD drawing too.

@ FlaGriller - Getting one off the floor won't be a big deal I don't think. The four little hooks that dangle from the outer handles are pretty useless, so if those are gone it's not the end of the world. Like Virgo53 says, just check to make sure the firebox, firebox lid, water bowl, water bowl rack, and the 4 separate racks are all in there. Tighten everything up when you get home and off you go.

When my Dad put his together, he completely skipped the assembly documentation (my Dad's the best, bless his heart) and put the front two legs on the wrong sides... So if you assemble one, it's pretty straightforward but realize that the front legs have a right and a left - if you put them on the wrong side it'll sit level, but won't be as stable and will look a little funny - kind of bow-legged
I guess your car's trying to out do my car
Mine got me a GOSM wide body
at Wally-World yesterday, all my training finally paid off
Fixin' to fire mine up for the first time---I'll post again a bit later with an update (If I can still type by then--into first 6 pack)
Argh---lot's of guessing went into this--based on my observations, I am going to say if you do indeed use the cast iron smokebox use dry wood and be prepared to load the smokebox multiple times. When using soaked chips it took a LOT longer to get the smoke going.

Also I only started noting smoke at an indicated 280-290-(edited from 380-390--doh) degrees--with the provided thermometer.

The fatties turned out quite edible though, wife and I tried one out.

picked up some Publix mild sausage and rolled it up with some corn and black beans with peppers and onions--I'm not much of a sausage fan, but it was lot's of fun trying out.

Next up will be picking up a thin steel pan that will fit, hopefully will get the smoke going quicker--cuz I really want to soak my wood before usage.

One more observation--and I'm not sure I'm right about this--it seems like the water pan serves as a moderating influence on the smoker temp--I watched the temp go up up up...and then start to drop a bit, then creep up again--I reckon as water steam increases the temp drops some? I dunno.
i'm wondering if on these vertical electric or gas smokers for a wood pan you can use those replacement pans for electric stoves & wrap them in foil(for the holes). i have offset pits so i know from nada about these types of smokers.
I , as I always do, I dissembeled mine. And went about building it my way. I should be able to fire it up next weekend. My first thoughts..excellent components, good thiknes, and well thought out. Together, mine weighes in at 95lbs, as on my scale without the smoke box.
Hey Pigiron - did you let the box heat up before adding the wood? I can get mine smoking in 10 minutes if I add soaked chips to the firebox after it's already heated up to 220 or so. Did you have a lot of wind blowing? Remember, it won't be billowing smoke...

FlaGriller - buddy what did you do to it? You're modding it already? Did your car tell you to take the safety tab off of the vent at the top?
I have some photos of the smoker, can't get them in here for some reason.
Advise would be appreciated.

Photos show the smoker with measurments taken and how constructed, and in use.


My file sizes need reduced, I use a Nikon-8700 and the it is set to"fine" so I get high resolution, but consequently high file sizes also.
If you're thinking of buying one of these (it's great!), Lowes just dropped the price to $98 (in their computers, the tag still says 169)!!!! I would NOT recommend getting one already assembled (you trust their employees?) - it's really easy to put together.
Just bought mine for $99 from Lowe's! I've wanted a smoker for years and finally got around to getting my first. Smoked a chicken for the this weekend and it came out pretty good (considering this is the first time I've tried it). Did have a few problems/questions, though:

I could only get the temp to about 200 with the chicken in it. Seems like it never recovered to 220. All of the recipes I downloaded had the temp range between 225-250. Is this normal? Should I bend the little tab on top and close the damper all of the way? After three hours, the chicken was only at 140. Thanks for any help you can give the new guy.

Hi Dave - Be sure to introduce yourself in the Roll Call area so everyone can welcome you properly.

Chickens don't necessarily need to go low and slow. If you like a crispier skin they need to cook at a higher temp. You can turn up the gas and get to around the 300º or so mark and be fine.

As for getting your specific model to come up to that point I can't say for certain as I have never used one. One of the people who have used it will be along shortly to get you an answer.

If you don't get many replies here, start a new thread under the poultry section.

Enjoy the site and welcome to SMF.
Thanks, FlaGriller! The smoker never got above 200* even with the vent fully closed and the temp on the highest setting. I called the company today and they think the low temp may be because of the LP gas regulator on the unit I bought. They are sending me a replacement gratis.

The chicken was fully thawed, but took a long time to cook because of the low temp. I finally baked it to bring it up to 165*. Came out great. My biggest mistake: I forgot to rinse off the brine before cooking! This one was good, but the next one will be better...
Yes, it will be better, and the next, and the next...
I never bring my temps above 211* You have a great smoker, period! I have one and love it, and a CB with the SFB, keep in mind, it's all about how you and your family like the food.
Don't ever hesitate to shoot ma an e-mail if you need help.

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