BBQ Galore!

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May 6, 2007
Having the family over today (Saturday) for a pool party/BBQ. Right now there's two 8 lb butts in ol' Gimpy (My Brinkmann vertical smoker - the tack welds on one of the legs broke, so she's propped up on bricks on one corner - a true Redneck smoker!!
), and come about 6am in the morn, I'll be putting 5 racks of babybacks in the GOSM. Come noon, we eat!!
Will do. I've got the camera charged up and ready to take pics.
With all that food you must have a large family. Can I join it? Sounds good! Love the bricks, make sure you picture it.
It's not long til lunch time Mike.. Mike you awake??? Somebody wake Mike up his food is almost done and I'm Hungry!
I'm still stuffed today from all of the good food yesterday! We had a great time and everybody loved the pulled pork and ribs. Even found time to smoke a fattie or two.
The butts were the best I've done, and finished earlier than I had expected, which was good, because the ribs took much longer than I expected, but were worth the wait. Everyone loved using S.Fla Quer's vinegar finishing sauce on the pulled pork.

Yep Vlap, I do have a big family, and sure you can join!

Funny you should mention that, Pigcicle. I got to bed around 1:30am Saturday morning, only to get up at 5am and get the ribs ready to go. Needless to say, I didn't have any trouble sleeping last night.

OK, here's the pics as promised.




The wifey's not too fond of rubs, so I ended up doing three racks of ribs that were plain and two racks that I used the Rendezvouz seasoning before I smoked them. I also used the Rendezvous seasoning on one of the plain racks after smoking to make a Memphis-style dry BBQ rack. Everyone loved the seasoning (well, everyone except the wifey!)




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