BBQ and Smoking Meat

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Mar 16, 2006
Cooking is a learning curve that never ends....unless you stop listening. My problem is I live in the Northeast and have less time to enjoy it.
Photo is of a Beef shoulder on my homemade rig.
rcav, Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums!! I used to have a barrel smoker/grill, mine was made from a 30 gal drum and worked fine cuz all I ever fed off of it was ME! :P

Nice set up with the rotisserie and the beef sure looks good. I remember boning and tying quite a few of those in my meat cutting days.
rcav, did you build that rig from your own design or follow one on the web? The reason I ask is the boy is interested in building a new smoker and is having trouble finding plans that he likes. Any advice?
It is my own design. I opened the bottom of the drum for the coals and to increase the turn radius for the spit, the foil pans stop flair ups and add moisture. Hard to see in the pics I posted, will try to add more.
Try, try again.. The space in the center is open to the ground to prevent flairups

yo rcav dude,
very interesting-
very way cool.

my brain doesnt hardly think original thoughts.

but i seem to be able to learn as i listen to
the experiences of other people.

im thinking about your design
I was able to post some pics of the barrel in my album for the people interested in the design. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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