BBB first ride

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Aug 9, 2020
Sliced it all up. Was rushing before work but I did try 3 slices of it. I tried a slice of lean, a slice with some fat, and a slice with what seemed like a good amount of fat. That good amount of fat rendered out FAST in the frying pan.

The lean is ham, as expected, and good ham. I'm not a ham guy by a long shot, but this is tasty. The best bite was the slice with the good amount of fat, though I am not sure it's going to get at all crispy. When I get home I'm going to cook a little more and see what happens. I do not like the lean enough to want 3 lbs of it off of each butt - unless I can figure out a way to make it more like - well - bacon. I air fry most of my bacon, and that's what I'll try tonight.

I should have sliced it a bit thinner I think. It's about as thick as a pretty thick grocery store 'thick cut' commercial bacon.

After cooking, the salt seems a little more concentrated than it did in the fry test. Not overpowering, but with my BP issues, I'm going to back it down to 1.6% next time. It was almost as salty as commercial bacon IMO.

It's dang sure worth another shot. Super easy process - but that's because of all of the folks on here who do it every day and do such a good job of documenting and explaining 'what' 'why' and 'how'.

What I will do differently next time.
.... back the salt to 1.6%
.... freeze it solid before I smoke it. I think what I did worked really good, but I want more smoke. I may just buy a smoke tray/tube and put some cold smoke on it for a few hours (if I'm not mistaken that's what Bearcarver Bearcarver did with his, using a 'warm smoke' hybrid method) before I put the heat to it. Pellet grill should be fine with a tube in the bottom of it.
.... slice it a tad thinner. These are sliced at 3.5 on my Cabela's commercial grade slicer.


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Jan 18, 2020
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Looks delicious. I would back the salt to 1.5% then add .25% cure #1 for all in 1.75% salt. This is a delicious start point and works for many of us here on the forum.

Nice work and looks like a quality product. Enjoy.


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Apr 13, 2010
If you want more fat in your BBB, buy the biggest boston butt you can find. Place it on a cutting board with the blade bone to your left (assuming you're right handed). Start cutting slabs off from top to bottom. You can usually get several decent slabs before you get to the blade bone. The part with the bone can either be ground for sausage or cooked as a small roast.



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