BB Ribs-2,2,1- ? about the last 1

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 3, 2007
Ok, I just started the second 2 hours on 2 racks of baby back. Had good smoke at 225 for the first 2 hours w/ jeffs rub. Have em wrapped up in tin foil w/ AJ for 2 hours. WHen I do the last hour to firm them back up should I bother w/ smoke at this point or have they taken on as much as needed. I am using a gas gosm and not wood.
If you smoke go very very light and see how they taste. No real need for a lot of smoke after foiling as the meat is cooked and more flavor shouldn't be necessary
thanks, that is what I was thinking also.
I just got jeffs rub and sauce recipe. I am doing 25% of my 2 racks naked, 50% w/ just rub and 25% w/ rub and sauce. This way I will get every combo so I know what we like the best.
I don't add any wood the last hour, actually after the first 2 hours, if they are foiled I don't because I can't iamgine that they would get much additional smoke taste wrapped in foil.
They were wonderful. I had a few spikes which dried out an end of one of the racks but besides that they were a hit. We decided that our family likes the sauce add to the ribs during the last hour. Two mopings at the end during the last 40 mins. finger lickin good is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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