BB rib help (boiled)

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Jul 3, 2007
My mother had a some ribs and she decided to "help" and pre-boil
the ribs and then freeze them for easy use later. Well, now it is up to me to use them. I like the 2-2-1 for the BB w/ jeffs rub. I am guessing I can still rub them then smoke for 2-3 hours. They are should not need the 2 hours in the foil since they are already boiled.
Any advice would be helpful. Not that it really matters cuz she I very kindly told her thank you but next time do not worry about it. I will take care of it.
When following the 3-2-1- or 2-2-1 method most of it is somewhat like a guideline than a this is the way it is.

So to answer your questions what I would do is run it for an hour and take a look at the meat if it is starting to pull away from the bones I would say move it to the next level.

I do not know but would venture to guess that the sooner you foil them the better to assist in capturing some of the flavor.
Boy, does this sound familiar pne123! My Mom keeps tell'n me to boil them first, that is what she did, then on to smoker for about an hour w/sauce. I told her if you boil them all the flavor will be in the pot. She said "Well, you sure liked them when you were a kid". I just said "Yep, I need to try boil'n them first"
. BTW, she never has had my ribs yet. Waiting till they are perfect, then give some to her. Want to prove her wrong in a very nice and respectable way.

Good luck w/the ribs, let us know how they turn out. Hey, if it is great boiled first and your family loves it that way, then do it that way. The right way to cook/smoke is the way your family likes it, not how anyone says it should be done.
That statement is probably the best I've seen here at SMF! All too true. Cook it how you like it. The suggestions everyone else gives, are just those, suggestions.
Been there... Mom used to bar-boil everything it seemed! Granted, she was a good cook, but through the years, I learned that par-boiling is not the answer! Oh well, that's water under the bridge... water with alot of the missing flavor, that is!
Every time I hear someone say parboil and ribs in the same sentence, I try to educate. We had a nice neighbor that used to bring ribs to our neighborhood parties. Everyone loved them and they were the first item to go first. She mentioned parboiling and finishing em off in the oven with sauce.

Not trying to outdo her, but Winn dixie had a great sale going around the time we had a gathering planned, I picked up 4 full racks and trimmed them, rubbed em and smoked em using the 3-2-1. I even cut them and served on a nice bed of romaine lettuce, as i had seen that done on a BBQ competition on the Food network and thought it made a nice presentation.

Needless to say, she doesn't bring ribs to our gatherings anymore.

My next project is to try to master smoked beans, but I'll be leaving those at home as another neighbor loves to bring her oven baked beans to our cookouts. :)
"My mother had a some ribs and she decided to "help" and pre-boil
the ribs and then freeze them for easy use later."

Back before I knew anything about it, I tried par-boiling ribs prior to grilling them, I had no idea what true BBQ was back then, and I actually thought they were good. All those ribs really were was a vehicle for the sauce, with no flavor of their own. I know better now and I love the 321 method for pork ribs. I use it exclusively these days and meet rave reviews with it, true BBQ ribs never need a sauce in IMHO.

That said on a recent trip to Oregon, (my hometown) I offered to do some ribs for a friend's birthday party, offset smokers are rare in Oregon and I was forced to use a standard two burner natural gas grill which required me to put all the meat on one side and place a pan of chips and can of water over the other burner turned down low to maintain the 225 I was looking for. (Amazingly that setup worked fairly well!) But to my surprise when they brought me the ribs, they were beef, not the pork BBs I was expecting. Still I treated them just like I would have if they had been pork, using my standard rub and mop, doing the 3-2-1 method. They were fantastic! I had also boiled a home cured corned beef and smoked it for the last hour along with the ribs. Both the ribs and "pastrami" disappeared in the first 15 minutes of the party, so I know they were appreciated. Does anyone else use the 3-2-1 method for beef ribs? It seemed to work well, albeit there was a bit of shrinkage I hadn't counted on.
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