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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by raiderron, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Recently purchased a Bayou classic smoker (Propane). I love it, light, electric lighting etc. However, if I turn temperature down to lowest setting, every time I open the door, if there is any breeze, the flame goes out. Also at lowest setting with the vent wide open the temperature is around 300, obviously not optimal, even to a beginner like me. The outside temperature has been around 90. Comments?
  2. smoke freak

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    With my stick burner if Im in direct sun (summer time only) I cant build a fire small enough to stay Below 300. Move to shade and its all good. Dont know if that applies to propane or not.
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    Probably just one of those issues you'll have to wrestle with unless you build some type of wind guard.

    So i'd try to not open the door any more than necessary. It took me a while to break this bad habit. I always wanted to mess with things and finally realized all I was doing was messing things up by constantly opening the door.
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    Hmmm the answer MAY lie in a burner mod. One that will allow more gas flow, with less BTU's I guess..with some air tweaking... try blocking off some of the gas vents in the burner. And of course...move into the shade. My smoker is prolly at 115° right now. And I don't have a fire in it ;{)
  5. Thanks everybody! I will look into modifing burner.

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