Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

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Ive got my first butt in my mes and have 2 questions...

Its been in for almost 5 hours and although it is getting brown there doesnt seem to be much bark yet. IT is at 135º I have been spraying with apple juice/apple cider

I just read on this post to not use soaked wood chips? I have always soaked mine but as soon as I read that I stopped and started using dry chips. Is this bad?
The bark will be there, especially if you are spraying with juice. Be careful though because you might end up with a hard candy shell if you spray too much.

No, dry chips are preferable.
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Ok so I wrapped my butt at 155 (had been in for 9 hours) cranked up the heat to 260 and at 1230am (almost 14 hours) it was at 176 and hadnt moved in almost an hour. I needed to sleep so I turned the temp to 195 and laid down. After 5 hours it had raised to 186. I turned the heat back up to 260 and finally after almost 22 hours in the smoker it hit 198. I pulled it and put it in a cooler covered with towels. It feels very tender even through the foil. Im letting it rest for 3-4 hours and then I will unwrap and see how it turned out.

I definately need to get an accurate read on the inside of my MES to make sure what I am setting the temp at is what it is actually gettting to.
If im doing this on my ecb until 160 or so and then throw it in the oven after wrapping to finish, how many coals should i start with? I use royal oak lump if it matters. Thanks.
If you're lookin, you're not cookin.  

Chill out and let it go.  Assuming about a 7 lb butt at're looking at 12 hours and then some.  By the time it's done, you'll be fighting for the bark chunks.  It will probably stall around 160ish.  Depends on the meat.  Don't rush it. Don't turn up your heat thinking it will go faster.  Let it do its thing.

As long as you're getting good smoke, I wouldn't worry about soaking your chips.  You've soaked them before and got good results I'm sure.
If im doing this on my ecb until 160 or so and then throw it in the oven after wrapping to finish, how many coals should i start with? I use royal oak lump if it matters. Thanks.
Minion method is the best. Load it up!
I've used this recipe 3x and the fourth tomorrow and I'm famous around my town. I use a propane smoker but still follows these guidelines and its perfect!
Today is smoke three for me. 

Got my butt on the counter - taking the chill off from being in the refrigerator all night. I vacuum sealed it with a dry rub coating. 

My plan is to have it in the MES 40 by 10AM - going to try 225 temp and using Mesquite chips. (I have a nice Cabernet to enjoy with it tonight! The Mesquite will be a nice pairing.)

I'll update with the step by step and pics. Yes, I will get a pic BEFORE we dig in this time. 
Ok, since this thread was started in 2007, I think it's safe to take it out now.  Sorry folks.
That ship has already sailed.  This post is what's known as a "sticky" post.  So good and informative that it ain't going no where.  It's basically the primer for people smoking their butts and comparing notes. 
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Well my third smoke was yesterday - May 18th, 2015. 

I did a 6 # Pork Butt in my MES 40 - it went into the hot smoker (225*) at 10:am after sitting on the counter for hours getting to room temp.

After about 3 hours I bumped the temp to 240* (when the IT got to 100*) 

This is when I started to give the Butt a spray hourly - used 3:1 Apple Juice : Capt Morgans Spiced Rum

I foiled the Butt when it got to 165* IT (I put it in a tin with some of the spray juice and covered in foil)

View media item 395925  Here is the roast getting ready to be wrapped in foil.

I put the foiled roast into my 250* gas oven in the kitchen to finish cooking - when it got to 200* IT it looked like this:

View media item 395926   This had a great bark on it - and the smell ... OMG!

I used the Finishing Sauce

after I pulled the meat apart with my gloved hands - it just fell off the bone - so tender and juicy!

View media item 395927   Bon Appetit!
All of that information is on page 1 of this thread asktrask asktrask , but as far as the specifics for MY butt: it was 4.5 pounds and took 10 hours to smoke. I kept my smoker between 225 & 240, wrapped at 165 IT, removed at 200 IT. Let rest for 30-60 mins, then pulled. I was too lazy to make my own rub, so I used a store bought one. Used hickory chunks for smoke.
Thank you.  I just opened the thread directly from my email account which took me directly to your photos.  Didn't notice the info before till now.  I appreciate your second posting of info.  I might just try the finish in the oven like you did.  Seems like a time saver without losing the taste.
I didn't finish in the oven since I had enough charcoal left after foiling to maintain temps and finish off, but if I hadn't I absolutely would have finished in the oven. No point in wasting fuel/charcoal if you don't have to. So you're absolutely thinking along the right lines
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