Bandera Modification help...

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scotty's bbq

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Jul 26, 2006
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Hey wife picked up a Bandera today at an estate sale. It needs a thorough cleaning, but it's in good condition except for a little rust on the exterior.

I really need some help with any opinions on modifications. I have been using a gas grill to do my smoking with some excellent results. I have never owned a smoker until now, so I am counting on some help from the BEST BBQ forum out there on REAL authentic BBQ.

Thanks in advance for all the help!!!
You need to raise the firegrate up off the floor, and install a baffle between the firebox and the smokebox. PM me with your e-mail, and I'll give you the specifics. I have the BSKD, which is the mirror image of your smoker. I love cooking on it when I can.

Here is the link to a thread where these mods have already been discussed. The cool thing is that these mods can help almost any offset cook better.
Hi Scotty,

Noah has the right info on the Bandera. I also have a BSKD and just finally did the mods to mine, and am enjoying using it as a charcoal/wood smoker again instead of all propane.
Hey CS, long time no smoke! Great to hear about your BSKD, as now you have two options. How are things going down there? Happy Turkey day!
Hey Noah,

I've been busy as heck lately, but am enjoying my Turkey weekend :D .

I presently have a turkey breast on the BSKD using pecan and royal oak charcoal. It was 32 degrees here this morning so I kicked the gas on and got the smoker up to 300 degrees and then let the pecan and charcoal take over. I love this new setup, I have a great control over my temp.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. (even if you do have to go to the in-laws) :(
Hi all; I recent for my bandera smoker. I've rebuilt it, and tying to learn how to keep the right amount of heat. What does the mod do? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.