Bag question for vacuum food sealers

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    I thought this had been discussed but searched and found no answers.

    I have a foodsaver brand vacuum (yes it was 3.99 at Goodwill!), it works great with foodsaver brand bags.

    My question about these in general (not just this brand) is has anyone found a machine that works with "smooth" poly bags of 2 or 3 mil thickness. I have found a source for 8 inch "tubes" in a roll but not sure if the smooth bags will work.

    Thoughts from those that may have been down this road?
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    This style of sealer won't work on smooth bags. You need the "quilted" plastic to allow a channel for the air to be removed. Smooth bags won't do that. The only kind that will work on smooth are the chamber type sealers which are very expensive. On this order:

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