Bad Byron's Butt Rub

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We haven't tried it but I saw some for sale at our local butchers shop and almost bought some. Let me know if you use it and good luck!
PS what year(S) mustang(s) do you have? Our '68 just got a fresh paint job :D and is looking good!
Haven't tried the butt rub yet but bought ( 3 ) 24 oz. containers because I had to drive 45 minutes to get it. The Stang is a Fox Body and has parts on it from 1984-1993. It has a big block Ford 460 stroked out to 514 ponies.
Man thats all they sell down here, I have used it on just about everything, but it really isnt anything different that you could make at home, since it is kinda pricey IMHO
Will do, I know for sure that most of you guys have the stuff in your cubard to make it. But it is good, anybody ever see how short bad byron is :shock: its kinda humorous, when I hear a name like bad byron I think of someone taller then 4'
I bought some today. I was at the store rummaging through all kinds of marinades and rubs for a brisket I'm doing tomorrow. Several I was thinking about getting had smoke flavor added. Booooo!

The few rubs I looked at were $7 and then I picked up Bad Byrons and bought it. Once I paid I realized that the thing was $14......Arrrgggh.

There is nothing fancy in there. Just your basics. Next time I will probably find a similar recipe and try it. The bad byrons has no sugar in it. I think I would like a little sweet for brisket.

We will see. I'll try to get some pics for you guys, I'm also doing a pork tenderloin and am trolling the web for a good recipe.

I do have a Stubbs Liquid marinade I might try on the pork tonight.
Decent stuff. Too salty and easy to over do it would be my only complaints.

Though it is excellent if you use it on 2" rib-eyes and grilled at 850+
I was not impressed. I stuck a wet finger in it when I first opened and kinda thought
this has a kick. But after the smoked butt was finished, all the heat must have gone up with the smoke.
Most rubs and sauces do mellow out with the cook, i know most people cant hack my chipolte/raspberry sauce and rub before it has been through the smoker on meat, then they want to buy it. you almost have to cook with it to get a good opinion of it, i think.
I used it on chicken once and it was too salty and the wife did not like the heat.

It was too hot for her but just right for me. The rub itself seems to lack a great outstanding taste
I went into a new grocery store today and came across Bad Byron's Butt Rub so I had to pick it up.  Got me a small 3.6lb butt that I will be doing in the morning.  It is currently in the fridge, wrappend in plastic wrap after covering it with the Byron's.  Pictures to follow in the morning. 
Smells ok, I bought some and used it on a variety of smokes early on in my "trials" and it was just OK. Nothing fancy, not sweet as mentioned above.  They even have it here on the islands...not sure why except that a tourist may wander past and see something "American" and use it.  Locals make a good deal of stuff to try and then there is Jeff's rub that I have and tweak to taste.

Bad Byron's - it is OK and if you want something quick, sure.  I would say Brisket rub for beginners, but once you try another recipe you'll not use Byron's again on it.  Just my tastes and opinions.

I use it on all my pork butts and love it. I have also used it on CSR and pork chops (not as heavy handed on those) and I have found it to be spicy on the CSR and pork chops. I like the rub and can see why he has won so many competitions with it.
I have a jar of it that I use off and on. I usually mix it with other stuff to flesh out the flavors. If you are in a hurry mix a cup of Byrons with a cup of brown sugar and rub that on your ribs, butt, or chicken. Also it is good mixed with some granulated garlic and applied to brisket. If you want something with more kick and is a lot cheaper get some Tony Chacharo's Creole Seasoning.
My mom was in Gatlinburg Tn a few weekends ago and bought me a bottle of this as a gift. I gave it the wet finger test. And wow HEAT and SALT came to mind immediately. Since then I have modified it to make a great rub that I use as an all purpose now. I add brown sugar to the rub like a 2:1 ratio the 2 being Bad Byrons. And then also add some dried crushed apple. I usually like to do 1/4 the amount of brown sugar I add. Comes out pretty well. The sugar and dried apple really add a nice bark to pork butts.
I have never tried Bad Byrons, but I can tell y'all one thing about Commercial Rubs...SALT is way Cheaper than Herbs and Spices!  There are TONS of recipes Here and else where on the Web. Think about what flavors you like and start playing.  Start with 1 teaspoon of each Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper and Paprika...add 1/2 teaspoon each of favorite Herbs and 1/4 teaspoon of each Spice, mix well... Add additional 1/4 teaspoon of whatever you want more Punch of, till you get something you like (Make sure you are taking good NOTES!)...NOW...Let your Rub REST 24 Hours and Taste it again, the flavors will combine with Time to something New, adjust again and you will have a winner and not spend $14 for a lot of SALT! Good luck...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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