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Original poster
Jul 25, 2006
I have a couple of pieces of sidepork salted and ready to smoke in my electric smoker.
At what temperature and for how many hours should bacon best be smoked?
(One recipe I found on the Internet says 8 hours at 80 to 100 F. Since the temperature in the room with the smoker is already around 100F, it would not be possible to hold it that low.)
Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

Sounds good but doesn't address the problem on how to keep the smoker at 100 or so degrees when the inside and outside temperatures are around 100 or more.
You could always make a smoke generator and pipe it to the meat in your ambient temp smoker. Just make smoke elsewhere and pipe it in. I made something like that to cold smoke chese and sausage. Anyway I can help just let me know.
Tom,that was my thread on Christmas Bacons and you do have a point.I normally smoke my bacons in the fall or winter.Go ahead and run the temp up to 120 or 130,it wont hurt it.Remember your not cooking the bacons,your smoking them.The cooking will come in the frying pan.Eight hours will do although I ususlly go a bit longer.The longer you smoke the more smoke flavor you will impart.Good luck,David
Quick question Dave,

Do you want to keep constant smoke rolling on the meat for that 8 hr period? I would think so, since you're smoking, not cooking.
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