Backyard cooking area and smoker build.

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For in-between waiting and pontificating, I've started laying the fire bricks to the smoker and the grill space.

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Question to the fabricators and welders. What would be the best way to make the hollow walls more rigid? I was first thinking of welding on 1" rods to the inner side of the outer wall, drilling an access hole to the inside wall and then welding the hole and the rod sticking through. Another option would be placing few horizontal and vertical 'slats', welded the same way. I'm not looking too much for load baring, just making the walls not flexing at all.
i'd weld those corners where the material meets and fill it with refractory cement
Well, I realized the structure is far too flimsy. So, I built a skeleton of 1" square tubing to support in between the layers of the wall. Then tack welded the outer layer on so that it wouldn't bend too much.

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