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Back Ribs Internal Temps


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I tend to get cooking time fluctuation lately with ribs due to outside temps, other factors so rather than wrapping, unwrapping and final cooking for a static time(2-1-1, 2-2-1,etc), is there any general TEMPERATURE guideline for when to wrap ribs, when you upwrap them and final internal temp?


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I dont wrap mine, smoke around 250 until they bend easily without breaking, usually around 5 hours give or take, as far as temps I'm not much help there.


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I do not wrap and I don't check internal temperatures. It's always a time and look/bend thing for me. Internal temperatures are hard to check on ribs because of all the bones and the thickness of the meat. I don't want to have my probe touching a bone as it will tend to give a false reading so I'm no help there...


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JGM, Flatbroke has steered you in the right direction as Al has rib temp cooking down to a science!


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I’ve started using temp and bend instead of timed as well. Totally gave up on wrapping too. Rib game has been way better since.

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Wife is a smoke wimp.
My last batch of ribs was solely for her. I smoked until they were soft. Don't know the IT temp, but 2-3 hours on the pellet pooper at 250°.
In a foil pan with a pint of apple juice for a "boil in the foil" for a couple hours.
Back to grate for another hour until it broke or mostly a fall off the bone. She didn't want any glaze.

I've tried temp on ribs and the pick it up with the tongs is my favored method to judge the ready to serve.


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As said above give my method a look, it may help you out. It’s about the IT of the ribs. It doesn’t matter how you prepare the ribs, the most important thing is the final IT. This is only my humble opinion.
Good luck!

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