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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Howdy folks,

It's Sunday morning and raining here in the beautiful north country. I decided yesterday that it was time for me to take the plunge and do some ribs. I found some baby backs at a local super market along with some spares that had the brisket bone removed. I really wanted St. Louis style but found none. I guess that's not much known here in Northern New York. I decided to go with the baby backs, being unsure how to turn the spares into St. Louis cut. Perhaps someone (maybe Dutch) will tell me what I need to do in the future.

I started last evening by removing the membrane and rubbing with my pork rub mix. I wrapped in plastic wrap and let it sit all night. I'm trying for 225F temps in the GOSM. I know from reading here at SMF that a full 3-2-1 cycle is too long for babies. I am trying a 2-1.34 -.66 timing today. I just foiled the ribs. I plan to open and use a thing coat of my favorite sauce for the final 40-45 minutes.

I also have a beef eye of the round smoking for GYPC's Italian Beef Dip sandwiches, the leftover sliced beef will make me happy all week long when I eat my lunch. Some ABTs for variety are also cohabitating in the smoker.

Here are some pics. Will post more later.

Night before - rubbed.


Into the smoker.


Hour 1


Ready for foil.


Will post finished pics later. I hope I'm not overcome with an irresistable urge to pig out and remember to take them.

Take care, have fun, and do good.


good morning meowey

I am going golfing today but can't wait till returning to see if you did the "Old Vaporized blue Bourbon trick again!

Looks like you have a great start to great smoke!
I need to go away until I get woke back up. I looked at that pic of the ABT's for several seconds amazed that you could just make them levitate in your GOSM and jealous I didn't have that feature. :oops: This nap in between the all nighter and day is still alright though. 8)

Great looking ribs and a good reminder about GYPC's sammies, gotta try them. Here is a link to some good rib info while you await the arrival of a better answer:
Thanks Guys,

Illini, I wish it were good golf weather here. I'd invite you to play a round. Fantastic mountain view on all the golf courses here when the weather is good. I don't know about the bourbon trick today. My aim at the meat seems to be improving.

Chad, I found that a skewer hangs very nicely in the grate rack on the GOSM. Sorry about that. Hope you catch up on your sleep. I did look at that link already. I'm just not that sure of my knife skills.

Between the "Old vaporized blue bourbon trick" and the "Levitating ABTs", I don't know if I can top that.


meowey, Things are looking good. I don't know about others, but I don't find turning the ribs over does much but it does disturb the bark formation and makes them hard to spray. Just my $.02 :D

I flipped them over to see how much the meat had pulled back from the bone and took the pic at that point. They went directly to the foil from there. BTW can you give me instructions as to how you trim spares in to St. Louis cut ribs. I am unsure if I can do it myself, or if I should ask the butcher in the market to do it for me.


Here are the finished product pics.

Just out of the smoker.


Plated with wicked beans and ABT.


The Mrs. invited the 20 year old son to join us for the ribs. He called up and asked if he could bring 2 friends as he assumed (correctly) that I had made plenty of food. Well folks, there are no ribs left for my evening snack. They were fantastic!! I've been instructed to put them on my "Do this again" list. I don't know why I waited so long. I guess it's because I have never eaten "good" ribs before.

I'm one satisfied kitty cat!!


It's all in the knife work and once you understand the mechanics of it, it's as easy as cutting pie. :mrgreen: I'll try to put a pictorial together so it will be easier to follow along. Might be next week some time.
Wow Meowey,

Those ribs look fantastic :D

I bet the cat couldn't get any meat off the bones when ya'll finished those ribs. 8)
Great looking ribs...I can almost taste them now..between those ribs and Dougs sirloin roast..don't know what goes into the smoker next...will just have to do some of each...

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