Baby Back's tonight.

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Nov 4, 2013
Chester, Nh
Well almost went a weekend with out smoking.  Decided to Smoke some Baby Backs with Pecan& Apple wood. 

Well I added a sausage to the menu after a few hours went by.  Everything came out good.  The Baby Back's didn't fall off the bone though.  I think the meat needed to get a little bit warmer.  The IT only got to 196*.  I think I should have let it get up to 205*.  Well next time I'll try that.  It was still very tender, moist, and it did come cleanly off the bone, but you had to give it a little help.  The meat didn't stay in the plate when you picked up the bone.  Well I'm knew at this and will keep working on it.

Hope you all have had a nice weekend and got to use your smoker too.

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Great looking Q there , brother. Sorry I missed this. Happy new year ! And not for nothin , but it sounds to me like you nailed those ribs. I know lots of people like FOTB ribs , but the pros say the meat should have a little tug left to it. I bet those were great.
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I read the same thing Hambone about the meat should only come clean off where the teeth were.  If that's the case I should have entered them into a contest.  But really it was accidental. ha ha ha  I used the probes from my Maverick ET-733 and trying to get the IT up to 205*.  I know everyone says you can't use a probe on ribs, but I'm the type of person that can never say never, even though I just did. ha ha ha  I just say I haven't figured out how to yet.  I've been thinking maybe the thermometer just doesn't respond the same when to close to a bone, so I need to figure out how it does and use that to my advantage.  Also I've been thinking about cutting the ribs to keep the thick sections together and the thinner sections together.  That way I can try putting the Thicker sections into the Smoker maybe an hour before putting the thinner sections in.  Maybe that will aid in keeping the thinner ribs to be as moist as the thicker?
 Not sure but I'm going to try it on the next Baby backs.  This is like a science project that you can eat and hope it tastes good. 
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