b-day bash

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Jan 29, 2007
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Ok so I have been on here all winter and read daily just getting enough guts to try this. Well the wife it thro'n a birthday dinner saturday it is going to be nice so here goes nuttin . I'm thinkin chicken maybe 4 and the fixins maybe some of them beans ya'll been ravin 'bout . will be aprox 12 people so any sugestions as to what else to thro on will be a big help. may start up the grill too. I will be using a GOSM so will have room. nerves will kick in by the end of the week . Oh the b-day bash is for my 54th so help me out so I can have some good eats.
You can do some easy fatties for you can have some snacks while things are cooking. Do you a brisket, it is not as hard as you think it is. Maybe some ABT's if you like jalapeños. If you have any questions on any of it drop a pm to me, I would be more than happy to help you out. Good luck
smokincowboy - have you given consideration to maybe doing a pork butt and having some pulled pork -- The other white meat
Or a couple or three racks O' pork ribs -- meat with it's own stick, pigcicles even!

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Thanks for the ideas think I am staying with hole chickens. going to brine and rub with lemon pepper and crushed pepper corns? I have seen some posts with stuff inside like oranges ,can of beer, ect what does this do and what do you sugest I am doing at least 4 so I could try different things going to through in some fatties too (using apple or pear wood?) will they be done close to the same time. I am trying to get a game plan so the nerves dont get the best of me this will be my first smoke
Might i suggest a big bowl of potato salad. In the forum you could look for side dishes and there are a few there that might catch your eye. Good luck on all you fix'ins.

Stuffing the birds with lemon's or apples and such imparts a nice flavor on them and helps to keep them moist....I just usualy use whatever I happen to have around...maybe a quatered lemon and some fresh thyme or rosemary,salt, pepper or even sprinkle a teaspoon or two of your rub inside the cavity.

I'm with Pigcicles on the pulled pork....mmm pulled pork sammies are goooood!! and a butt is a very forgiving piece of meat that is great to try out on your first run.

Cornbread is allways a great side....here's Hoppin Mamas cornbread recipe that you can cook right in the smoker. Good luck and have a great Birthday.... and don't sweat it

Ok this is the wifes family recipe for POTATO SALAD handed down for years realy had to begg but here goes place in large bowl... 6 Potatos boiled whole let cool and dice ...1/2cup sweet pickles chopped ...1/2cup celery chopped...1/4 cup onion chopped... 6 eggs boiled and chopped... 1-1/2 tsp celery seed Now for the sause (mayo) mix together in sause pan 4tsp flour... 1cup sugar... 1tsp salt... beat in 4eggs...add 4tbsp butter...6tbspcider vinegar... cook over med. heat until fairly thick ...if it happens to get to thick add a little water ...put sause on the potato mixture and stir in
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