Awsome Tenderloin

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Original poster
Apr 3, 2007
Hello All,

I have been a regular reader and have tried my hand at several meats over the last few months. I got a smoker/grill for christmas and have tried everything from Jeff's wonderful chicken to pulled pork to brisket. By the way, if you have not tried Jeff's Chicken I suggest you get off the computer and Get R' Done. If you like a little spicey, I suggest you add a little cayan pepper and White Pepper to your rub.

Anyway, today is the day we will celebrate my Mother_in_law, Brother_in_law and Nephew birthday, so I decided I would throw a couple of chickens on the smoker last night to have ready for the party this evening. Being that I work during the day, I had to do it last night, but don't worry, the chicken recipe is just fine heated up.

As I strolled down the meat isle at the local store, I came upon the Pork section, and decided that I would throw a tenderloin on while the chickens were brazing. Man, let me tell you what, that's some good stuff.

I got the pork rubbed in mustard and Head Country All Purpose Rub, then cranked the fire up in the smoker. This was my first time using lump charcoal so my fire was a little hot, but after one flip of the meat and three hours later, I was eating some of the best tasting pork tenderloin that I have ever had.

Going to go pick up another at the store, and throw it on this evening in hopes to get it done before the party is over for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for all the great recipe's that everyone has supplied.
welcome to SMF... be sure to hit up the roll call and gives us your info

your smoking sounds great... got some food porn for us? we are really sick people and love
Sounds fantastic.......yep, I would say your hooked!!!
Isn't it great when food is THAT good... gotta love this place. Hope the party goes well.

Keep Smokin
Pork tenderloin has become one of my more favorite cooks. I did some in the BGE this past weekend. I put the rack extender in place, but I left out the plate setter. I used a chunk of maple on some Royal Oak lump and got a very nice flavor.
Just an update to the party last night.

Like I said, after work I (well I took off a little early to make sure I had enough time) went by the store and grabbed a 4lb tenderloin thinking that with the two chickens I smoked the night before and the tenderloin that I would have plenty of food. I rushed home and immediately cranked up the fire.

This is when everything started to look real bad. I had a bit of hickory and a few chunks of mesquite, but I just knew that in the garage I had another 10 lb bad of hickory chunks. I guess I was dreaming because I could not find the extra bag. Oh well I thought, all I needed was enough to get the tenderloin done because the chickens just needed heating up, and I knew I had a little apple left from a pulled pork I did a few weeks back.

Anyway, I get the tenderloin on and my wife calls and says that the size of the party has grown with three extra families coming. I asked her if she thought we had enough food, and she says "I will just drop by the local BBQ restaurant and get a slab of ribs!" Not on my watch will you do this I replied. I had a jumbo pack of Country Style Ribs in the freezer, and I knew I could pull it off.

So I rushed into house, grabbed the ribs (yeah they were frozen solid) and put them as far away from the fire as I could. I had to get them defrosted quick so that I could get them a cooking. I had a little over 3 hours until chow time, so time was not on my side.

To wrap up this story, those were some of the best ribs I had done. By defrosting in the smoker, it gave the ribs an extra smoke flavor. After they were thawed, I coated with mustard and rub and back to the smoker.

The combo of hickory, mesquite and apple really gave the meat (tenderloin and ribs) a unique flavor.

Thanks to all that, cause without this forum I would have never been able to pull this off.......
Sorry, no pics. I am going to have to start getting the camera out when I do a smoke so you all can enjoy. I'll do better next time
Yeppers gotta have pictures before you eat!

I had friends over this weekend for a smoked pork roast and they started grabbing the meat and I said WAIT!

Everyone freaked out saying "what's the matter, what's the matter?" except Jessie who growned and said

"She has to take pictures before we can eat anything!"

They thought I was nuts ...
My daughter was over on Sunday to look at the baby pictures that I loaded on my laptop. She looked at my funny and asked "Daddy, why do you have pictures of FOOD on your computer??"
It's 'cuz smoking great food and picture taking go hand-in-hand!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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