Awsome fresh trout!!!

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
I was in Divide, Colorado...just w of Colorado Springs(LisaCSCO area) and our family went trout fishing. Haven't fished for at least 11yrs(oldest age), gave it up for family and now my son is hooked BIG TIME! It was great.

We cut the heads off, then gutted them, then cut the fins off. Put some Italian red onions in the gut cavity w/lemons, salt/pepper, and of course rubbed w/evoo(I gave directions in complete opposite order, I AM bass ackwards).

Did not smoke them, have no smoker at cabin YET, but put on LP grill and they came out great! Next time want to add lemon, butter, butter, butter, some lemon, and some butter.

The views and the weather was awsome! Buddy texted me that temp was 104 at home, it was 74 there. 50 at night! Loved it X infinity!

If you ever have a chance, go to the Springs and go west thru Manitou(sp?), then Woodland Park, then Divide. Small town, but great views if you drive around. Go S and head to Cripple Creek and do some gambling while your at it.

Rocky Mts are as close to Heaven as you can get as far as I'm concerned.

Gotta go, I envy you Lisa and all others in the Springs area.
Glad you had a good time - bonding with your kids is great too!

Never been to Colorado but it's on my list.
John Denver made it sound so beautiful.
It's great to fish with your children, it will pay dividends
You can go camping at Mueller State Park, cant beat the place! Site # 111 is a dream. It is between Woodland Park and Cripple Creek, actually closer to Woodland Park. But if you can ever swing it, you gotta go to Estes Park, and thru to Rocky Mountain NP. Thats what Colorado looks like when you see it thru your mind's eye. Your son will never forget it.

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