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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 3, 2007
marinated the 2 birds w/ balsamic for 2 hours
dusted them both w/ dry rub and fresh Rosemary
set them on Cactus Cooler cans half full
smoked at 315 for 2 hours and spritzed w/ AJ at 1 hr.
also took baby dutch yellow pototoes and wrapped a few with Jimmy Dean to make a delicious ball of heaven. Threw on top of the potatoes a few cooked onions w/ rosemary and pepper and seasoning.
Cooked it all together for the entire 2 hours.

Came out absolutely perfect. Chicken was juicy and had just the right amount of smoke and the potatoes were to die for. Too bad I'm home alone tonite. Actually I have been out front with my neighbor drinking Harp,Guinness,Pete's Wicked Ale and Newcastle. I think everything was well represented. I even took him a plate of chicken and potatoes like atrue neighbor should and even threw him a few of my special Jimmy taters too.
Here are a few pics
Great lookin' Q! Thank you for not forgetting the camera, definitely a Kodak moment.
I like the jimmy tater idea - sounds great. Those birds look pretty tastey too. Bet the neighbor is happy too. Great job!

Have you thought about entering the See the World - Smell the Smoke event? It just takes a couple of good pics!

Keep Smokin
Must be army slang for thanks.....
Great lookin grub!
yummmm...potato stuffed fatty, wow it just gets better and the fatty addictions run deeper, and deeper! Great idea JJ!

BTW, I see you are a big Guiness fan. I am a fan as well. Ever try a Belgian Waffle? (Black and Tan made with Blue Moon) It's phenomenal.
Just had one this week at Killarneys. A New Irish Pub that just opened in Riverside. I should probably just forward my mail there. I was a little skeptical at first, Blue Moon being a Belgian Wheat and all, but very good with a great bite...CHEERS!!!
Great job JavaJoe! Everything looks fantastic! Glad to see someone else finally tried taters with their fatties - it's awsome! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.