Attention: Smokers in the Houston, TX area...

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Sep 30, 2008
Decatur, IL
This request goes out to any SMF members in the Houston, TX area - especially those that might be retired or only working part time...or really, anyone who thinks they have time to spare and might want to make a buck!

My brother has lived in Houston for the past 10 years or so.  Recently, he went to work for a guy that is opening his own BBQ rib joint.  I know they have a large Southern Pride commercial unit - and I know a little bit about what they plan to offer on the menu.  Other than that, I don't have many details about this new venture.  My brother doesn't really have a ton of experience in the traditional BBQ, but he does have a lot of restaurant experience...from management all the way down to line cook!  He will be running the day to day operations of this place for the owner who hired him. 

They have not opened yet - currently they are in the construction phase, but this was an existing resaturant that they bought, so it's not like it's being built from the ground up.  Right now they are just doing new flooring, some plumbing and electrical, installing kitchen appliances, etc.

Here is the deal:  My brother and the owner are looking to HIRE a consultant to help them get educated to the finer points of how to produce good 'que..  They have already been contacted by someone that ran his own restaurant for decades, but it was a traditional American eatery - not BBQ. 

If there is anyone in the Houston area, either with restaurant managing experience, OR just really good at putting together a 'que menu...please PM me if you are interested in helping these guys out.  I'm sure that compensation would be based on level of expertise, especially with a large commercial smoker - as well as the time one would be willing to put in at the store.

Once again - having owned a restaurant is not mandatory, but a high level of BBQ expertise would certainly get major consideration.  Especially if you've got experience with a large commercial smoker.

If you are interested yourself, or just want to pass along a name and number for consideration, please PM me! 

Thank you,


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