Army Ice Fishing

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Feb 7, 2007
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Two army pilots had some vacation to use, so they decided to try ice fishing since neither one has ever been. After reading up and doing some home- work on the subject, they loaded up their car and headed up north. Once arriving on the ice, they took out their drill, and started to drill through the ice.

All of a sudden, a voice was heard above them: "There's no fish there"!

They both stopped the drilling, looked around, packed up and moved to another location. Soon they were drilling again. And again, a loud voice from above was heard: "There's no fish there"!

The two looked around again, saw nothing, and began to get nervous. But being army pilots, they packed up and moved to another location where they were soon drilling through the ice again.

For the third time, a voice from above said "There's no fish there"!

Now the pilots were scared. They dropped all equipment, knelt down, clasped their hands together while looking to the heavens and asked "Is that you God telling us there is no fish here"?

"No", the voice boomed. "This is the rink manager"!
I wonder who that was directed at
Must have been ex Airforce fixed wing pilots that just joined the Army to get some great Rotor wing training and they washed out so they decided to go fishing
Well, Crewdawg posted at 11am, hasn't replied. He must have retreated to the "bunker", oh that's right, Airforce jocks don't know what a bunker is, you can't see them from 30,000". If it wasn't for giving them bombs the AirForce would just be a real expensive flying club
I know what a "bunker" is. It was called the "Alert Facility". Had clean sheets and remotes that worked!
And to think, I slept on a cot flat on the floor, inside half of a culvert pipe covered with sand bags because we got incoming rockets about every night
Clean sheets and a remote, Hmmm, may have made the wrong choice. Well hindsights always 20/20
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