Are yall ready for another newbie?

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Original poster
Jan 14, 2007
Howdy everyone,I'm a long time reader and a first time poster.Just wanted to say that I've learned a lot from reading the posts and replies on all subjects.
As far as my equipment goes,well I aint got nothin fancy,just a small offset wood smoker and as of yesterday a Masterbuilt electric.While I had the electric smoker still in the car I went ahead and picked up a small whole chicken.Got home,put the smoker together and just had to try it out.The chicken was smoked over apple wood and came out awsome,it was gone before it hit the table(really,it was gone before I could get the sides ready).My wife and son said it was some of the best bird they ever had,I told them that they just got lucky cause it was my first time doing a whole bird,let alone on a smoker that I've never used before.Today I'll try some babybacks,I rubbed them down last night..Oh well I'll see how it goes!
Thanks for havin' me! 8)
Welcome to the SMF Big-Pete. Congrat's on your first electric smoke. There are a few guys here with the same smoker, so your not alone. I'm sure they will be in here sometime, so if you have any problems or questions, they will surely help.
im glad to meet you....
im also glad to see another electric smoker working..

the stickburners can probably put out more smoke...
and i will admit that some of the pics of the smoke rings are awesome

its the thin blue that counts in my book..

after 140 f internal meat temp ---
i dont add chips---

when i first got here--
there was not many electric smokers .....

the tide turns....
Big Pete, the question isn't are we ready for you, it's are you ready for us!! As you have been lurking through the forums and reading replys posted to question asked, you know you're going to get more that one answer to a question that will more likely than not leave you with more questions! But, hey, we'll be glad to lhelp you sort through those too!! :D

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