Are These People Crazy, Or What?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
As some of you know I did a big smoke today to feed 12 of my family and friends, and you should have heard all the crazy things they kept saying to me, I really think they all lost thier minds, I list a few of the qoutes below, has or does this happen to anybody else?

"wow this is good"
"we know whos cooking for our party next month"
"that was good, can you teach us how to cook like that?"
"we need to do this more often"
"this is good,, can I take some home?"

WELL, does this kind of thing happen to anyone else????

my smoker can only handle so much abbuse!

Below are the photos of my smoke!




That looks "Great" but wheres the Fatty for snackin while you're workin
Oh and I'm sorry you had to endure all that abuse
Franco please be careful and don't hurt yourself trying to pat yourself on the back. Yes, it has happened to me, and sure makes you feel good doesn't it. You'll learn to cook when you want and can afford it, because if you are like me, feeding everyone once in a while isn't bad but couldn't do it all the time. I've learned to say, get the meat and let me know in advance, and if I have time we can do this again sometime. Haven't been dooing to many cooks lately.
LOL, great post!

I dislike the "Can we take some home?" myself. I am not rude enough to ask for donations or to leave a tip jar near the smoker, so that question kind of rankles me when i hear it.

This isn't a cheap hobby, but some folks seem to have no idea. If it is left over, I'll be eating good on the following day. What is a good response to this question that is tactful and maybe funny at the same time?
Something on the order of "You doing the smokin next time??? I didn't think so."
personally i like to see people fat & happy from my cooking,& if i invite people to a "feed" i make durn sure everyone gets a "care pkg". but they also get my card & menu too to pass along @ work. but thats me. and over 10,000 serves(not plates-people) later as a professional cook.. i never try to brag cause that burnt meal deal can always be around the corner.
franco -

Sounds like you did it good! I figure these people know what it costs they feed their families too. Just tell them yeah we can do this again you bring the brisket, and you bring the ribs and who's comming at 4am to help me smoke this stuff?
I just enjoy seeing everybody happy and having agood time while they clog their arteries. I always put on some hot dogs for the take home bags........The left overs are for supper the next night
Great looking grub Franco!
Could swear I detected a bottle of Gates sauce in one pic! Tasty!
Anyone who thinks "KC style" sauces are sweet needs a good dose of Gates. Or Haywards. Or Bryants.
I have not smoked much for meals for others outside of our home. Just grilling pheasant appetizers and kabobs; which they are having problems duplicating (hehe), after giving them the recipes.

But I am having a serious problem the last 3 or 4 years of acquaintances asking me to process and smoke their venison sausage (the last year it is almost weekly). So far I have been able to politely blow them off. This winter I have agreed to make a friend of mine venison bacon, but I feel it is like a fair trade because he is my on call, no charge gunsmith when I need his assistance.

I feel I have enough of my own personal interests to keep me busy and I have introduced them to something I enjoy. If, at that point they are interested in having the same food at their house, they better pony up and purchase some equipment, take some time out of their day and learn to do it themselves. I will share 90% of my recipes with anyone, after that it is up to them to try it themselves. The recipes I will not share are not my own, they are from friends or others that have shared their recipe with me and asked me not to share them with others; I am just honoring their request and feeling a little special for them sharing with me.
LOL, that is my trick for feeding kids at the neighborhood gatherings. Seems they would rather have a .25 hot dog then a .65 pork sandwich.

As to some of the other posts, yeah, I get a kick out of friends and family eating good and enjoying it, but some people will fix a take home care package with more then they would eat in a single setting.

As for the business card idea, that is a neat idea, if I ever decide to open a business or cook for profit. But the day I keep Styrofoam take home containers in my house, I am afraid the fun will be lost.

When folks ask to take some for later, I feel complimented and generally let them. I just have to wire my jaw when I see the portion size they pack. Maybe I should fix it for them and control portions that go with them?

This is one of the reason when I fire up the smoker, I fill her up. No sense in using the fuel for a one night meal... My friends are always amazed that i will smoke 4-6 chickens at a time, or do two levels full of ribs :)
I get the" You could sell this!" comment, and the "Can I take some home?" question all the time. I don't usually mind too much when it's my BBQ because I always fill my huge smoker and my girlfriend and I just can't eat all that I make anyway. But back when I was brewing beer it was a different story. Ales keeps just fine in the keg or bottle and most folks have no idea how much time (hours, days and weeks) and effort goes into a decent beer, or a good BBQ either. I used to have people ask me on a Tuesday if I could brew beer for their party the following weekend! That was pure ignorance on their part to be sure, but I always to just let it go and kindly explain why that wouldn't be possible. Be it be good beer or BBQ, I always try to forgive the impertinence of those requests and accept the question as the true complement to my ability that such requests represent. Not that I'm a saint, I have to think that way, otherwise I'd choke the snot out some of them.
I actually have people bring me meat to throw on the smoker. I tend to have the same group of people for all of my parties, so they take turns. Since they're buying, I'll happily do the smoking - then whoever didn't buy the meat brings a side dish and all I end up paying for is whatever new impulse recipe I want to try (like the ABT last weekend). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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