April 16, 2007 East Coast Weather - Please reply with pics of your own!

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)

First of all, I hope all of you are safe.

The same weather system that cause severe weather last Friday in Texas and then ripped through the southeast is now ripping the northeast. The Boston Marathon is being run through driving rain, Long Island and area are getting heavy rain. Here in the beautiful Adirondacks of Northern New York State we have been dumped on by heavy wet snow, along with much of northern New England.

Here in the back yard I measured 10 inches. Folks out of town got more and there are some power outages. I spent 2 hours of quality time with a shovel and the snow blower. The snow blower does not like this kind of snow, clogging and stalling. I used it to make about 5 passes up and down the driveway. The rest was done by hand with the shovel. The base of the drive was filled with snowman like boulders of packed snow.

I'm including some pictures.

Top of picnic table


Picnic table


Front yard




Our forecast is for rain today, more snow tonight. The sun may be back on Thursday!

Please take extra care of yourselves and family!


Well we dont have the cold stuff like you do. And today it finally feels like summer is on the way. I was very lucky the storm that came thru didnt do much damage in my area. Haltom City is 8 miles from me and theres where the most damage was done. We usually dont get many tornadoes in this area there mostly north of us. But heres you a couple of pics hope they melt the snow for you.


I haven't seen that much green grass since last October! Thanks.


I am indeed sick AND tired of snow. (Probably not as much so as Monty!)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Hey, folks!

Just woke up from a short nap. Was out in it since yesterday afternoon. Wish I had my camera with me. Aside from the heavy wet snow that plowed up like snot we have had trees of monstrous size give up the ghost to the high winds.

It stopped snowing about 2AM and then we went out on tree removal. Some were all the loader I pilot could handle. (JD 544H) We were just opening the roads and making a list for the local power companies of the ones we did not want to touch. Lot of cleanup for the next few days. Then of course there was protecting the motoring public from itself! Yeesh! Tall job to deal with some folks!

Power is out over most of the area and expected to be out for a few days in some spots. Thank goodness for generators and wood stoves! I am on generator power and being warmed but the woodstove as I write!

I will be on call in a few hours so its time to get some food in me and see what tonight brings!

Not a problem, Meowey!

The main point is that the work my compatriots and I do gives us the satisfaction of being a big part of the soluition to the problems that interfere with day to day peace and happiness of the general population.

The job is fun, the money is OK, and the satisfaction is incredible.

Hi Monty.
I know what you mean.... It's amazing how many people ( motorists ) get those suicidal tendencies when approaching snowplows.
I used to drive hiway plows part time around Toronto.. Why do people think they can get their vehicle through a congo line of 6-8 BIG plows.
It's been raining mostly up here with really high winds and we had a little wet mix of the white stuff last Friday. Not a lot of fun driving the rig I get to drive every night..
Take care
Lots of rain & wind in the 1st state.Yes Delaware is the 1st state.My CG been puffing out smoke all day.Smoking three pork shoulders in 35 mile per hr wind,gusts over 50.It's been raining on & off all day.Trying to pump water off of the pool cover.Seems like a waste right now.What happened to relaxing on your day off from work?
Geez, Gremlin! Good thing I just stuffed down steak'n taters with some steamed broccoli. I might be takin' a bite outta my monitor!

Got a good wind break around my grill and dropped on a few foiled taters then a good sized chuck steak. Cook with gas in the house so was able to steam the broccoli.

Local state run airport was recording regular gusts in excess of 65 mph. Sustained winds of 40 mph for about seven hours. Finally dying out now.

Thanks for the good words and food porn!


That's a beautiful pic. What is the location where that shot was taken??

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Meowy -

We didn't get the snow just high winds and LOTS of rain. Down trees everywhere and lots of power outages but thankfully no snow! Temperatures stayed at around 40 all day. Got a small lake in the basement but every things on stilts so no damage.

I'll blow some of our warm wind up to you Meowy! 40 is feeling like a heat wave!

Sounds like a beautiful place to be. I thought it looked a bit like the 1000 islands except the vista is too wide open. Thanks!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Yes sir it's real pretty up there .
They call it 100,000 islands I think..........There are just so many.
The 1000 islands are nice to.. I used to boat through there ...Alexandria Bay and up through the St Lawrence when we had the boat.
I use to fish out of Alex Bay every spring. Haven't done that in about 5-6 years. Maybe this year we will go again.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I work for the power company....So I know what them boys are going through...Wishing ya'll some warmer weather up there....Finally cleared up down here in Arkansas....Let the Smokin Season begin....

Stay Warm my friends......

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