Anyone watching The Butcher on History channel ?

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[QUOTE="chilerelleno, post: 1963684, member: 119065"

History channel is so sorry arsed anymore, for many years.
I remember when they had real historical based programming.
Same goes for the Syfy channel and others.[/QUOTE]

You got that right Chili! Sign of the times I guess.
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YES! It's interesting to see how the oddball animals, python, alligator, nutria, and such get butchered. I was surprised to see a well known Traveling Butcher from the PNW, get eliminated. Never miss Forged In Fire either ..JJ
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Found it by accident channel surfing...I thought it was quite interesting and entertaining...
I'll watch a few more times to see if theres anything to be learned but I'm guessing it probably wont be a "go to" program, but if I'm bored and it's on I'll certainly tune it in.
Forged in Fire is good too. that's where I saw the trailer. I do find it interesting watching them butcher the odd animals. and explain the different cuts of meat.
Yes, it seems to be a pretty good show. One thing I wondered about is that will they run out of different species of animals to butcher? There's only so many ways to skin a cat!

I really enjoy Forged in the Fire. I like how the competition is always friendly and helpful towards each other. None of that scripted drama crap you see in most reality shows.

Also, one of the judges J. Nelson is sort of local, he's from Towanda PA.
Truly educational? No, they are generally moving too fast to see, say how to remove a Flat Iron Steak from the Primal Chuck. But a Popcorn and Cold Beer bit of entertainment, that WE can relate to, it's worth watching...JJ
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Outside of the production drama, rather enjoy it. My childhood friends father was a butcher by trade in the 60's/70's when they still broke down sides in the local market. Seemed so interesting, we were taught how to use and respect both knives and the meat. Grew up thinking everyone ate slab belly bacon. Never knew so many guys with so many missing finger parts.
Thanks for sharing about this, need to look it up online since no cable anymore. Back in Wisconsin we would butcher our pigs and chickens at my friends farm.
I just watched the 1st episode via On-Demand.
Kind'a interesting and I did learn a bit more about butchering a gator.
And I'll give them half credit for at least trying to throw a token gesture at the 'History' of butchering and using one of the old tools of the trade.
I am a good friend of the person who won it, Sean Kelly. We know each other through his work on meat forums. The older guy he beat did a lousy job on the rib roast, cutting into the eye so bad. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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