anyone watch

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May 2, 2007
american chopper or orange county chopper? the mean old man or SR rude and crude to his son? well im not good at faces unless its a spitting image of the person but i seen a person here in IOWA that looked just like him same build and sitting on a harly at a stop light, i almost stopped and asked for a pic but fear stopped me. i dont think hies as mean as he puts on but this guy might not have been as understanding but who knows he might have be thrilled, if it were jessy james or a look alike maby but the DAD FROM HELL i dont know about asking for a pic
he would have given you one if it was him...

a couple of years i was working about 20 minutes from their home, and they seemed liked very nice people to the general public who those who asked for signatures and pics...
I love that show

He was here on the base last year touring one of the boats and he was very friendly. He still seems to get a kick out of people actually wanting his autograph. He seems kind of like a big kid in a way, very curious and Iinquisitive. He also seems genuinely greatful for what he has achived. I'd have asked.
I live in Rock Tavern, NY where they originally filmed. They have moved to Middletown NY, to a bigger store and are also building a corporate HQ nearby. They seem like good enough guys, but I have never met any of them. Sometimes I will hear people say that the son is a jerk, but I am sure they get bombarded over and over again by people who think they know them. They do give back to the community. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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