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Anyone smoking before the Red Sox game? (Meat , that is)

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by hambone1950, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    I am sheepishly admitting that we are having pizza tonight as we watch the sox and play poker , but in my defense , it's not my party. We're going to my sons house and he didn't feel like cooking.:biggrin:
    How about you guys , anybody throwing anything on the grill or smoker? Anyway , lets hope the old town team does good tonight. Always good to start a series with a W........:sausage::grilling_smilie::sausage::sausage:
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  2. cliffcarter

    cliffcarter Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    Got back from Mass(as in Catholic, not the state) and dined on chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries straight from the freezer to the oven.[​IMG]

    My wife made lasagna for today, I may post a pic of that in between football and baseball today. Getting 1 hit by half the Tiger's pitching staff ain't  gonna cut it, here's hoping they can do better tonight.
  3. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Amen , brother.We had the pizza last night and watched most of that struggle....
    But today I got a big ol chicken on the WSM ..goin beer can style (without the beer)
    I'll post a thread later after its done but I'm lookin forward to watching both games and having some nice smoked chicken to go with it! Go Sox! Go Pats! :sausage: :yahoo::sausage::yahoo:
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  4. I ended up smoking two different kinds of meatloaf and a whole big batch of meatballs.  Also smoked the onions, garlic, and red peppers to make a pot of sauce.  Boy did the smoked meatballs add a great flavor layer to the sauce. 
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  5. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    What a day to be a Boston sports fan! Holy smokes! And speaking of smoke......

    And it was gooooo-ood! :sausage: :yahoo: :sausage: :yahoo: :sausage: