Anyone Seen or heard form Smoked?

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Nov 18, 2006
I know brother Smoked was feeling poorly and he hasn't been around in a good while anyone know if he's okay? Mama is worried ...

i sent him a e mail and asked how he was doing he has been busy and still checks the forum but does not have time to post thats all i got out of him
Gee I didn't know you could do that. I'll have to go there!
Thanks I was just starting to get motherly ya know?

Wow how kewl is that!
Rest assured, yes I'm still here and lurking....just been really busy and a tad on the sick side as you all know. But so far, still alive and kicking......

Missed ya buddy! I was worried about you. It's been forever since you popped in. You shouldn't worry you mother like that! Still no improvement huh? I guess I haven't been praying hard enough.

Heya, Bill!

I, too, had been wondering but was checking and saw that you were logging on regularly. My mind was at ease but I guess maybe I should have helped put a few others at ease as well!

God Bless and Godspeed! There's a lot of folks pullin' and prayin' for ya!

Thanks everyone....I try not to worry anybody!!!! the conditon keeps going on like a rollercoaster but it's yet to get so bad to actually warrent my hematologist to put me on medications or in the hospital.....but it gets tiring being so tired and sore all the time. This along with my boss giving me an additional assignment that is keeping me rather busy with work......sadly enough the smoker has not been fired up in a needs weeding etc.........
Smoked, I echo what Debi says. I ask that all of our circle of friends, include you in our prayers. You will be in mine. Terry
Smoked!! Sorry to hear that you're still ailing!! You hang in there and I'll round up the Prayer Posse and encourage them to send up some Knee-mail on your behalf. I'll be lifting ya' up Pard!!

Alright folks, those of you who talks to the Boss upstairs on a regular basis, say a word or twa for Brother Bill. For those of you who don't know how or are uncomfortable doing so, well speak to Him as you'd talk to a good friend and ask Him to look in on our friend and brother, Bill.

I will add my prayers for you too, Dutch is right, our wonderful God can do ANYTHING, all we need do, is ASK! Terry
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