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Anyone grow their own mushrooms?


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As per the question above, does anybody do this? I was doing web searches for buying mushrooms to possibly make my own shroom ketchup and kept finding guides and books about being a mushroom grower. mushrooms 🍄🍄🍄

Now I heard before that mushrooms are easy to grow depending on which species and conditions, but is it? How do you get started?
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I used to grow my own. I grew various oyster mushrooms, shitake, lions mane and piopino. It is not really difficult but you need to have a few things.
you can grow shitake on logs but that is a lengthy process and you need to have the right environmental conditions. Growing indoors you can control things like humidity. Need humidity up around 95% at times.
There are sites you can buy spawn from like https://www.ashevillefungi.com/


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Yes, I have grown mushrooms. Ease depends on type and substrate needed. Wine caps ( King Stropharia) are probably the easiest as you can grow them in the garden wood chip pathway.

Oyster mushrooms are probably the next easiest, but substrate sterilization is key prior to spore inoculation. After that, monitor moisture and temp. until mycellium fills substrate, then bring environment to fruiting temp. of mushroom and watch for fruiting.

Shitake I would rate third in difficulty.

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