Anyone for a little Meatloaf??

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Jul 16, 2006
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It's a beautiful day here. Clear blue and 67F. Fired up the smoker to do a chuck roast for some enchiladas tomorrow. Decided to throw a meatloaf in with the chuck. I'll have meatloaf sammies for lunch all next week. (Drooling in anticipation!)

Here are a couple pics.

Loaf and chuck in smoker.


Finished loaf


Recipe in following thread:

Hope you all have a smokey finish to your weekend!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Looks super, especially that meatloaf. I love meatloaf. Do you have a special recipe you use. If so, I would love to know the particulars? Thanks, Bill
Made your meatloaf last weekend along with some ribs and chicken quaters for a taste testing with some friends. They said "smoked meatloaf
...never heard of such a thing" Needless to say I wish there would have been more leftover for lunch sammies last week!!!! Simply a fantastic recipe....thanks again meowey!!!!
Awsome looking meatloaf Meowy! Guess I'll have to send Jessie up we're plumb out of meatloaf!

Oh the chuck looks great too!
That looks awesome! I'm gonna have to get one of those water/spill proof keyboards so my drool from all this food porn won't short out my keyboard!

You read my mind...I was looking for a 'loaf recipe, so I used yours. I used turkey instead of beef, (my wife doesn't eat beef or pork, but that is an entirely different post) and I'm on track for everything. I'm also doing your peppers and dutch's wicked beans. Mmm....I am hungry!

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