Anyone ever heard of Chubs?

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Feb 9, 2007
I was at the local grocery store this week and while waiting to check out I saw something in the Impulse section that sparked my attention. It was something called a Chub and it was in with the beef sticks and jerky. As curious as I am I bought one to try. Basically it looks like a beef stick mixture stuffed into a pork casing (kind used in Brats). The thing was they were twisted off at a length of about 2 inches and then smoked. Taste was ok just cause it was a mass produced items but it got me wanting to make them. So I have a couple pounds of deer and some pork sitting around so I was going to give them a try this weekend. Was going to do a sample batch of 3 lbs which I am guessing will yield me somewhere around 36 to 40 of these Chubs. I figure while I am experimenting I might as well go all out with a Cajun stick recipe I found on the internet. Anyway thought it was a neat way to make something different. I'll let you know on Monday how they go.

Sounds good Hanifen. I haven't seen them though. I kind of get tunnel vision when I get around the jerky and snack sticks. I try not to buy the high dollar treats though.

If you can, bring some pics with you when you report back.

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What I have heard of referred to as a "chub" is like the 1# packages of ground beef that come in a plastic wrapper like breakfast sausage. I don't like them cause you can't see whats inside.
These were not a breakfast sausage but a snack sausage. Great idea if you ask me so I can't wait to see how they turn out this weekend. And check this out - in the store they charged $1.35 for one (2 inch x 1 1/4). Store bought snack sticks is outrageous - thats why I make them

Another thing I am making this weekend is Ham Sticks - it is a seasoning I get from a local butcher supply place (Seasonings and More) and they are so good. You just mix their seasoning with ground pork shoulder, stuff em and smoke em. They are very close to being orgasmic - especially if you add some high temp swiss cheese to them. Yummmmmmmmmyyyyy Just thought I would share.

Perhaps the meaning depends on the region of the country you live.

I have always thought any meat packaged into the oblong plastic wrappers was called a chub, whether it is ground beef, ground turkey, or breakfast sausage. To me the wrapper and shape was what made it a chub.
I think you must be right Zardnok. That is what I thought also. A chub of sausage is what you make a fatty out of. A chub of ground beef is what I would call mystery meat.
We used to have these little sausages that looked kind of like half hotdogs that were mildly pickled called Chubs. You cold only get them in Bars. My Dad would bring them out to me in the car when he snuck in for his "one beer" whe I was a kid. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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