anyone else try this?

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May 2, 2007
smoking an already cured ham.

ive done this a few times. I like the brown sugar cured smoked with hickory or hickory mix of cherry,apple or peach.

the honey cured ham i havent decided on what wood ill use yet, in the past ive used all mesquite wood and it turned out good, the sweetness mellowd the smoke taste.
just wondering what you guys have used before.

i smoke a lot of precooked and presmoked hams they always turnout great i use hickory for smoke i like them drizzled with honey but dont do that much the wife is a diabetic so i have to watch the sweet stuff
Chrish, I smoked a fully cooked ham a few years back. Put the ham on at the same time I put a turkey on to smoke for Thanksgiving. Left the ham on until the bird was done, and let it rest for a couple hours. Couldn't stand it any longer, had to try it. The outside had gotten a thin, tough skin on it and when I tried to slice it I thought I had screwed up! The knife I was using was sharp, and when it went through the skin it went to the bone, super tender. Wife says it was one of the best hams I have done. Have done several, including one this Easter that we got when my brother-in-law had a hog butchered. Injected it with apple and pineapple juice the night before, sprayed it about every hour with apple juice, pineapple juice and bourben, and added a crushed pineapple to the top for a glaze the last 45 minutes or so. It was great. Smoked with apple and cherry wood.
I've instructed this to new people before they get a new smoker and the first thing they want to do is a shoulder or butt (and who wouldn't) but they don't want to ruin it on there first attempt, so i suggest in getting a cheaper already cooked ham that needs alittle more smoke time, the goal isn't to cook it but add more flavor and like shortone said make it more tender, cheating maby, but a group of victims err i mean family or friends will be delighted and the comments are always welcome.

now this ham of mine is spiral cut wont be a problem tho, I'm going to
cut some slats not to thick or wide to open up a few of the slices to let in
the smoke, probly an inch or so apart. I dont want it to dry out so ill mix
up some honey and water in a spray bottle to keep it more moist.
ill do this friday night and i hope the temp outside stays cool so i can keep
the smoker temp down. I'm going to use pecon and peach wood,
ill be at a outdoor flea market all day friday, at whatcher IA
umm yea, do it all the time, best way to cook/reheat whatever.....I like hickory or apple and I also like to smoke it, then let it sit a day and reheat's amazing how much better it tastes then.....
I put two hams in the smoker at the same time so they had the same experience and was a spiral cut and the other was not....don't know if the problem was the individual hams or the spiral cuts but the spiral cut was not anywhere near as good as the whole one

If you don't care for your results try a whole one next time
I like to inject the little football hams with a mixture of butter, pineapple juice and brown sugar. Then cover it with mustard and whatever type of rub you like. Makes some great sweet ham with the pineapple flavor throughout.
Never even imagined doing a precooked ham on the smoker ...

When one does one, are you going for an internal temp or just a certain amount of time? What about smoker temp?
Just follow the directions that come with the ham. If the ham is fully cooked then you just need to get to the temp you want to serve it. If it is partially cooked then you need to go higher and probably longer. The little boneless hams that I was talking about are usually fully cooked and you just heat it up like you would in the oven except on the smoker you get to add a little extra layer of flavor.
The one I did that Thanksgiving was more of an experiment than any thing. We just wanted to see what it would be like. As for times and temps, the only thing I can say is the time depends on how much smoke you want to add and temp, it's already cooked, you aren't worried about getting it done. Just don't get it so hot you dry it out. Injecting would add moisture and flavor if you want to.
Well the first question was water to honey for a spray, 1 tbl honey to 1 cup hot water if you dont want to spray it on you can make it thicker and mop it on.

i see i cant do as i had first planned, the meats falling off the bone so ill have to do this face down.

shortone and a few others had it right, the goal isnt about cooking it just tweaking the flavor, if you want to serve a hot ham then cook untill its at temp on the inside but i wont have this untill tommarow and it will probly be cold sandwiches with beans and macaroni salad potato salad

3 hrs in and i tried a small chunk of it and the peach and pecon flavor is to die for.
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