anyone else have a store that is out of briskets?

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Nov 21, 2006
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i just went to the store (closest H.E.B.) and they had one brisket, $20-something dollars ($1.48/lb). the guy stocking some steaks said there would be some more in the morning. they do have beef (and pork and chicken , if you like that) for fajitas on sale for $1.99/lb., so i bought a pack of that(beef). i will go back tomorrow and check out the briskets. i also bought 2-dozen jalapenos ($0.78/lb.), a pack of bacon to wrap the ABTs, and an 8-oz block of medium cheddar to stuff them with. i already have some colby-jack to use also, and some pepperoni slices to put in there also.
i just read the 1st line. but wally world here has 10-15lb packers for $18.00-22.00 and they're not great cuts. chris - i would kill for fajitas(and i'm going to -see my pics of the next ribeyes etc) we do have all natural amish/mennonite stores here - i'd gladly trade some expensive cheese organic milk for 3-5 lbs fajitas plus pay the shipping on both.
Briskets are plentiful around here.
My freezer is packed.

I could sell ya one of mine if ya get desperate.
lol, y'all are killing me. i WILL find a brisket tomorrow. if nothing else, i will go to a meat shop. we have several meat packers here. the few i called here while back quoted $1.59/lb for a packer brisket.
don't have either of those stores here. really though, there will be some briskets out tomorrow, according to the stocker dude.

gypsy- no hooves, please. i will take some 10-lb'ers, packer style. i have a big up-right freezer that asked me to put some in it.
Does anyone know where you can buy charcole briquettes wholesale in Canada???? I am so tired of buying 5 lb bags at an atrocious price! I do lots of bread making, smoking cheese, salt, pepper, meat and those little bags are doing me in!
I think the .99 Brisket price is a regional Texas thing....

I can find a ton of Corned Beef here - for too much money, but finding a real Brisket can be daunting.
we don't have fry's, kroger, costco, or any other store here. i have H.E.B, wal-mart, the mexican store, and meat packers. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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