anybody heard of this grinder

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Looks like a newer version of my 30 year old Moulinex. If it is as good as mine, it's a great little grinder, but mine doesnt work for a darn for stuffing. It also does a beautiful job grating and shredding cheese. One thing you need to do though is do an internet search for parts. I can't find parts like plates and such for mine. And it's funny how something the size of a plate can get "lost" in the dishwasher. I've actually had to machine plates for mine.
That grinder is from Northern Tool...Goes for 119.99...discounted to 99.99...looks like a nice one....Go for it...don't bid too much...Good luck...
well i didnt get the grinder... bids are at $80+ and still going up.... i would rather spend 20 more and get it new with a warranty
ty shortone, they have all kinds of

the missus cant see me looking at this
Teacup,I have a grinder that resembles that one ,however mine is 1200 watts ,with square buttons instead of the ovals and it's made by Tasin.
It works great and is a # 10 - 12 ,plates and knives are readily available from dealers on e-bay such as Boomerskoomer and I am sure on line as well ,hope this helps Tim.
thanks for the info tbone.... just gotta convice the missus that i need another toy this soon after my new is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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