Anybody get any new gadgets for Father's Day?

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Jan 25, 2007
North Arkansas
No new gadgets here but the dog did get me a new book titled "Weber's Charcoal Grilling, The Art of Cooking With Live Fire". It's loaded with a lot of recipes that will be tried soon.
I am getting, not so much for father's day (i'm not a father yet), but for my birthday, a couple sets of cabinets and a counter top to add to my outdoor kitchen. In addition to that, I'll be putting in an outdoor fridge for the goodies and beverages. Pics to follow :) Also, to put in my cabinets, my awesome girlfriend got a full set of Emeril's mixing bowls, plates, and ingredient bowls for the outdoor kitchen as well.

I got a Weber Performer for Father's Day. It's my first one so I was glad to see the bar set so high.
Still not sure where the little guy came up with that kind of money though.
How come they only have good stuff on sale for fathers day? I always get vacuum cleaners and dust busters and non fun stuff!

That's it I'm quiting being a Mom - I'm gonna be a Dad!
Sonny -

Why? I earn the bacon and smoke it too. I was my son and nephews Mom and Dad. I am limited only by my size 5'2" and stength but spent the last 30 years as an electrician, crane inspector, elevator inspector, draftsman, teacher and now I am in training as a Civil Engineer (I get bored easy). I'm almost as good a Mom as my Mama was and definately a better Dad than my Dad was. I can brew a great beer or make a great lassagna - I just can't pee standing up!
LOL sounds like you've got it whipped Debi. Why would you want a hairy face and back and take a chance getting your pee vine stuck in the zipper???

Not that you wouldn't make a great Dad but if you did you'd have to change your avatar.
Another note: I happen to know of several Gathering campers that got some kind of gadget or something and not all of them were dads
Well, I hadn't really thought of it that way, but I did get a nice gift on Father's Day - I won the grand prize GOSM Gasser at the 1st Annual SMF Gathering.
A very nice "gadget", if I do say so.
NOT retiring the Geezer ECB though!
Those little guys have their ways, mostly they just look really cute and anything they want comes their way. And that's the way it is supposed to be.
I didn't get a smoke related gadget....the whole family got me a new 1000 channel hand held scanner! Always wanted one just couldn't bring myself to go buy one. Now I have to figure out how to get all those codes in there! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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