Anybody ever smoke wings?

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May 6, 2007
Lenexa, Kansas
Had smoked wings from a barbecue restaurant here locally, and they were fantastic. Just curious if anyone has any experience smoking wings, and if so how long they take. They aren't very think, so I can't imagine they'd take that long.
No, I wouldn't say crispy. It was a beautiful dark brown color, though. Just a basic brown sugar/salt/spice rub.
have not tried it, but there are recipes in the cookshack book, it says they take about 2 hours at 225 but still says to finish off on a hot grill.....
Maybe I could just smoke them at 250 or even 275 so that the skin would crisp up just a little bit. I'd be hesitant to go too hot, though. At some point you're pretty much just baking them in an oven (although with smoke).
up here near buffalo, well you know the drill....fried is the only way. But what do they know? i too will try smoking wings. I can't wait! I think finishing on some dry heat, charcoal or gas grill is key. My chicken always seems a little "soft" if only smoked. I would love to hear a solution to that.
Make sure you get the meaty wings that are still connected at the joints, sprinkle with tony c's and throw em on the smoker for 2-3 hours... yummy!

I'm sure someone out there is hardcore enough to eat the skins after smokin them wings but I dont. I like to take the meat from the wings and make a smokey chicken I am starving now.
I know quite a while back there was a thread with someone who wanted a smokey fried turkey. He put the turkey in the smoker for an hour or something like that and then pulled it out and deep fried it. He had an adjustment on the minutes per pound...I'm sure you could do the same with wings...smoke them for an hours and then give them a run through the fryer to crisp them up and finish them off. It probably wouldn't be more than a few minutes in the oil as they would be half done from the start.
I smoked some a couple weeks ago. They turned out better than the briskett I was smoking...still figuring out how to use my WSM.

I put them in teriyaki overnight, and they were excellent. I don't recall how long it took for them to smoke. Next time it's gonna be sweet and sour and maybe buffalo wing sauce.
Apple chips, but only because that's the only thing I had. Think I'll be investing in a big bag of hickory chunks soon.
Those were some good looking wings. I decided to try some a few smokes ago, and loved em. Except that I put way too much spice in the rub. I actually had to rinse them of before devouring them. But the meat was the best I'd ever tasted. I tried them again, with a better rub, and again was very impressed. They seemed to absorb the flavor of the smoke better than just about anything else. I'll definitely do them again.
Yes, I have smoked wings, and grilled them over coals. Either way, I cook them to the "almost done" point, then finish them in the oven...

Before the oven:

I make a mixture of olive oil, cumin, fresh crushed garlic, lime juice, Crystal hot sauce, jalapeno peppers (optional), Worcestershire sauce, melted butter (yes, I said butter), and a splash of oregano.

Melt the butter in an iron skillet and add the garlic (plus the optional jalapeno peppers). Sautee the mixture until it becomes unbearably delicious smelling, but not burned.

Pour this mixture, plus the rest of the ingredients, into a large rectangular Pyrex dish, then slop the wings around in it, totally covering them. Lightly sprinkle on some more oregano.

Install them in a 350* oven until bubbly done. Awesome.
Never had smoked chicken wings before, but they gave me an idea. Out here in sunny Arizona, turkey wings are actually cheaper than chicken. I make Buffalo turkey wings all the time. Family loves them. I have had smoked turkey legs, but never made with a rub. I wonder if I used a rub on the wings, how they would taste..

OK..Time to get bizzy! :)
i have tried them smoked, prefer them fried... boy i make an awesome hot wing... you can eat it plain or with hot sauce... and they are still crunchy the next day is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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