Any Tips on Smoking Geese?

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Jul 7, 2005
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I did a couple of smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving and the FIL was so impressed that he wants me to do a couple of geese next month when he goes on a guided hunt.

Should I do anything different with the brine or in the smoking process? I figure that I should treat the geese like any other poulty and not worry about it.

I have a bag of Morton's Sugar cure that I'm planning on using for the brine or I could use my basic brine recipe-For each gal. of water used, add 8 ounces of kosher salt and 8 ounces brown sugar.

Comments and suggestions GREATLY appreciated!!
Hey Earl....

This is great finally I get to give you some advice. Goose if wild tends to be very lean. I am not sure about domestic.

The wrapping it in bacon is always a great hit with all.

When I do goose I have resorted to making salami out of it. I like this better than I like salami made with venison. Which is saying a lot.

As for general smoking geese in your smoker this is not an area that I am experienced in.

Good luck
Dutch, look for my wild goose post under the Wild Game section. It should help a lot!

PS Domestic Geese are a bit different!
Thanks Brother Monty, I'll check it out.
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