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  1. I rolled up a pizza fatty tonight to go with tomorrows smoke. When i rolled it up in the seran wrap, it didnt look like the ends sealed up too well. So, i unrolled it and even got a new piece of wrap and they didn't do much better. I had plenty of sausage there to make a good seal. And I didn't go very havy on the filling.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any suggestions, questions, comments, i'll even take snide remarks, are 'preciated...

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    CKH -

    the best thing i have found is when rolling in saran wrap, be sure to twist the ends of the saran wrap fairly tightly. this compresses the meat into a tight, compact cylinder and seals the ends. i used that method for my first fatty, a greek fatty, and with results like this i found no need to try any otehr method for rolling:


    the link below has more on the method used for rolling out the meat, stuffing and rolling up in saran wrap. as i said, it's worked so well on every fatty, but the amazing thing is that it was perfect the first time, every time.
  3. I don't know what the heck went wrong...I've done them before with no problem...oh all eats.

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