Any Potato Farmers in this forum? I imagine a few:

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Dive Bar Casanova

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Sep 3, 2021
Our youngest leased a good chunk of land behind a local church. Churches out here established back when land was super cheap so most have tons of extra space they rent out.
Plants all kinds crops.
Smart kid, studied and followed all the agri rules. Heart in the right place and dedicated to this.

We came to the realization it's not easy to grow decent potatoes.
They look beautiful, taste great but not one of them bigger than a golf ball.

I have amazing respect for a farmer that can pull of a decent potato crop and make it look easy. It ain't easy.

Ours is a kid that entered USC at age 14 neuroscience and has a degree in Engineering and runs a whole section of engineers.
He wants to take time off and work on a farm in the fields and pastures and groves is his ambition now.

Got it all from his mom including good looks.
Nothing from me and thank god not my looks.
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Our daughter, when working on her AG degree, interned growing potatoes. She said the same thing. It’s a really hard crop to grow, especially if you are looking for consistency in size, texture and starch.
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We raise, wheat, soybeans, and sugar beets on the farm.
I only grow potatoes in my garden, but I know a local grower.
What soil type and how much rainfall are the top 2 concerns. What variety?
Potatoes need a decent amount of watering at the proper times to get size.
Potatoes are rotated about every 5 years to reduce pathogens.
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Russets. If not getting the watering right doesn't ruin his crop, then disease and fungus will,, then the gophers.
Just watch "The Martian" and you'll learn how to grow potatoes. Of course, there are no gophers up yonder (as far as we know - maybe Marvin is a gopher!).
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