Any Good Suggestions for Books on Smoking?

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Nov 16, 2016
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I used the Helen's. Dead serious, zero heat after cooking. I have not seen any explanation proving how but I think the capsaicin is released maybe through evaporation of the oil. In that thread the jerk marinade of chef jimmyj chef jimmyj is WAY HOT (and I like hot) but once cooked contains zero heat. Crazy.

chef jimmyj

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May 12, 2011
While Chile Capsaicin is Heat Stable, when heating Chopped, Minced or Pureed Chiles in Sauces or Marinades, Capsaicin levels can drop as the Oils are carried away by Steam. Start frying a freshly made moist Thai Curry Paste or the very spicy Indian Phaal Curry and you are likely to begin Coughing and your eyes start to Burn. Indian Chefs often choose to wear Respirators when preparing the hottest types of Phall. This burning sensation is from escaping Capsaicin so the Heat of the final cooked food will be reduced proportionally to the amount of Capsaicin lost...JJ
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Sep 28, 2022
I think the guy is hilarious and it's mostly showmanship. I agree with you on his methods and one book but he got me hooked on injecting. His pork injection is incredible.

As mentioned Jeff's book is a must as well as his recipes. The sauce is legit pro grade and rubs great too. Every pupil should ideally be able to compose an essay. For many pupils, it is tedious labor. An extensive vocabulary is required. You must be able to understand and abide by many rules. You can reach them by . They are aware of proper essay writing techniques and may impart them. Professionals who can always assist you promptly operate there.
His Texas rub is what really kicked my game up and opened my eyes.
My favorite is Franklin's book, if you know any other similar ones, please tell me.
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