Antique ECB

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Jeff said he would like to see pics of my trusty ECB. My Jpegs were too large, I downloaded the pic resizer so we will see what happens.
The ECB is a 1975 model Brinkmann Sportsman Smoker, bought it on sale at Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO for $19.95. Also bought two more at the same time as gifts for my dad and brother.
The ECB smoked ribs down in the Ozarks back in the 70's when that was all I knew to smoke, it moved to Minneapolis with us in 1982, and then to Kansas City in 1993. It looks really ugly, but it's what is inside that counts. Afraid if I remove the "patina" things won't taste right.
I added two mods, drilled a hole in the top of the lid for a real thermometer and another hole in the side of the lid to route my remote temp probe and cable through.
I built a separate cheese smoker that gets it's smoke from the ECB, it works great. It will most likely appear at the June gathering and produce some appetizers.
I am saving my bucks for a new smoker. Wife Jane says I don't need one, the ECB smokes more than we can eat now. Says I don't need another boat either. Some things they just don't understand.


Mike, just remember-Ugly is only on the outside. The beauty comes from what's inside!! Looks great. I had a green one 'til my daughter adopted it and took it home. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.