Another Thermometer Question

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Jun 21, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
I just installed 2 char-broil themometers in my mini GOSM, 1 below the top rack and 1 below the bottom rack. I checked them both in boiling water and they were pretty close, thought they read a little high. When I did a test run on the GOSM I noticed a wide variation in temp, ( top rack 250, bottom 230, and stock 300
). Is this normal ? Is the stock themometer that far off, or is it a problem with the new ones ?
Yes the stock thermo's are not accurate at all, at least mine is not. I have read plenty of posts on here about thermo's and some say theres are ok and most say don't trust them.
i have noticed as much as 10-15F between rack heights in my bigblock gosm.. and now know that if the door thermo is saying 190-200 smoker temp is just right
I dont own a GOSM but I have read many posts that the door thermometer isnt accurate.

I own a Camp Chef and the thermometer seems to be with + or - 5 degrees.
I've seen a difference of about 25 F between my ET-73 and my door thermometer. I go with my ET-73. Every check I've made on food with a hand held probe thermometer has been right on with my digital and I assume it carries over to the smoke chamber measurements.
The 20 deg. diff. between the top and bottom racks doesn't bother me that much. Its the 50 deg. diff between the top and the stock, thats a huge difference. guess I need to suspend my digital at about the same height and see what I get. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.