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smokin for life

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Apr 21, 2007
Well I couldn't find where to get "prague2" so I orderd some buckboard from Hi Mountain Jerky. But it's the week end so I have to smoke something. I got a 9.5 picnic shoulder, and a rack of spare ribs, and a rack of baby backs all wrapped up waiting for tomorrow. The only problem is I forgot to smear mustard on them before I used my rub. Do you think that will make that much of a difference? I learn another thing for ya'll. This time after I mixed up some of Tulsa Jeff's secrect rub (which is WELL worth the few bucks) I put it in a shaker bottle and just shook it on, then rubbed it in. It isn't as messy and it seems to cover better. Also when you make the rub you have to make sure all of the little lumps are out of the rub before you use it. I tried mashing them and hitting the with a tenderising hammer. Nothing seemed to get them all out. Now are you ready for some good ole Redneck logic. I used one of them sifting thing-ma-jigs you use for sifting flour. Works like a dream, and what doesn't make it thru, I just threw it away. Hopefully my brother will cut loose with his camera, I'm really getting proud of myself. And I'm praying my "Bear Paws get here tomorrow.
Smokin ....i m o , I think doing the rub first is a good thing puts the flavor right on the meat,then the mustard and then more rub just before putting in the smoker'll be just fine ,my .02 worth
Sometimes I'll do the mustard slather then apply the rub then wrap with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight in the fridge and other times I'll just go with the rub and wrap. One thing I always do is to apply another coat of rub just before it goes into the smoker.
Ok thanks, I never knew about putting the rub on again just before I smoke them. Every time I come here I learn something new.
Well, ya' learn somethin' new every day!

I have never slathered mustard on my shoulders before smoking... this is the first I heard of it. That sounds very interesting!

My method has always been my version of a Carolina style: rub it, wrap it, and let it sit in the fridge over night. During the smoking process, I mop with a Jack Daniels infused, vinegar-based, special blend.

I always have a reserve of the mop to add to the pork after it has been pulled (I prefer pulled).
So why wrap? What purpose does it serve? Just to keep the butt contained while it's chillin in the fridge? Why put the rub on a day early in the first place? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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