Another pic test..

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Great pics! Especially of the little "terrorers".

Are you trying to get the pics to appear in the post? If so, after they appear on your inageshack page, you need to copy the embeddable code for forums and then paste directly into your post. It starts with

The following is for one of mine. I put quotes around it that are normally not there.


You also may need to uncheck the box below the composition window that says disable BBCode in this post. I had to put a check in it for this post so the code would show.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help...I think I was headed there next anyway...I had just downloaded the image shack tool bar for firefox and was trying to figure things out a little you...I was resizing my pics in Photoshop, and posting my pics from my computer and not using a hosting site...but I started to have concerns, as to the number of pics I could still other people have had problems with...the new tool bar is can select the size you want to make your pics...and it will automatically resize and upload all the pics you choose..then from there...go to your imageshack page...and do your thing...I think there is a tool bar for IE as well...with firefox..things are my post page in one tab...and my image shack page in another the copy and paste thing real that I have it all figured out I don't have any thing to post...been too buisy this weekend to get anything going...
So .. you like the little varmits...that was a pic of only 4 of them...we have one more...try getting all 5 to hold still long enough at one time , in the same get a good pic...sure glad these are digital, and not film...I can click off a hundred pics without any problem...watching them play..
Any way thanks again...BTW... your tree can stay... I have some stupid trees down here that don't know how to behave either...still too early for that....

I also use Firefox. The tab feature is great.

I can't imagine what feeding time at your place must be with 5 critters all demanding that you feed "The" dog. Each one thinks that it is "The" dog. We had 7 cats in this house once when my sister was staying here when she started a new job. The 5:30 AM trip to the coffeepot was interesting trying to navigate between 7 swirling, rubbing, and hissing felines that all knew I would feed them but did not "play well with each other".

Take care, have fun, and do good.

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