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nebraska outdoor guy

Original poster
Jun 5, 2006
Near Kearney Nebraska
Howdy everyone, Craig here. I live in South Central Nebraska just outside the city of Kearney Nebraska. I was born in Nebraska and grew up in both Medford Oregon for 13 years and then a suburb of Denver Colorado for 15 years and have now moved back home to the good life here in Nebraska. Unlike many of you "world famous" smokers on the forum here I own a little chief electric smoker that I purchased 15 years ago and to this day it still works great. Is it the greatest unit on earth? NO and before my time is through on this green earth I will have something closes to the big smoker q that some of you folks have. I started smoking Kokannee salmon in Colorado 15 years ago. They are a landlocked version of the Sockeye salmon and back in the day we were allowed to harvest 40 a day as the fish are not capable of reproducing and therefore are something to harvest and enjoy. I have since then smoked salmon, trout, catfish, venison, homemade venison sausage, turkey legs, ribs and probably a few other things. In reading the forum in the last day before signing up I see I need to get an idea of what my temp is inside the thin metal box I call my smoker and learn to better control my temp via insulation or ventilation and so on. Hope you all are having a great week and look forward to chatting with you soon!
Craig, welcome to Smoking Meat Forum. You'll find the friendlest folks here that will make your feel right at home. I used to live in Denver about 2 blocks from the Capital Building.

Check out the Electric Smoker forum where you will find a number of members have posted.

Nice to have you aboard!
Howdy Craig. You'll find that most of us (even the ones with world class smokers
) know that it's not the rig, it's the cook that makes the food great. :D

With 15+ years, I'm sure you have a lot of experience and good stories to share. 8)
Welcome to SMF Craig. This is such a wonderful source of information and we'll be glad to add your knowlage to it. I was born in NE (Grand Island) but grew up in CO and MO. I still drive through there once in a while to visit family in SD.
Thanks all!
I love the Nebraska life out here and do everything from hunt, fish, garden, pick a slough of wild berries and wild mushrooms in the spirng and then cook, smoke, can or make wine out of anything I can get my hands on. Love the forum already and glad to be here.
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