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May 27, 2006
Danbury, Ct.
Just wanted to say to this fine art of smoking ..been sitting on the side for a little while now..trying to absorb all the great info I'm finding here.
Took Jeff's 5 day ecourse...really great info for the beginner..
Using a char-broil h2o smoker that I have done all the mods to..and have had good results with so far...ribs only...have a big block ordered and it's in transit now..
Looking forward to meeting everyone and continueing my education..

yo vulcan dude.
i have c b elec smoker also.
i get great results with mine.

if i ever buy another smoker ---
it will be a wide gosms.

aint this place great!!

Thanks for the Hello..Looks like there is a great bunch of people on this forum..

My smoker is the charcoal one..tried using the new Kingsford...didn't like it..too much ash..went to the Royal Oak lump ..much ..much better...
My big block should be here sometime this next week.
Got to go.. I have a rack of ribs just about ready to get taken off..

Thanks again
Hi Vulcan, Welcome to SMF.. Great place to learn and share secrets of the wonderful world of smoke'n ... Any smoking planned for the weekend? I had a char-broil water smoker for some time.. I put that on the shelf when I got my new weber grill. I just recently got a char-broil smoker with the firebox on the side .. I also like the natural lump charcoal, not much of a kingsford man. PS we love pictures..

Joe Hello to you as well...Thanks for the welcome..
We just got done devouring a rack of ribs that did come out rather well...gets better every time...sorry no pics...nothing left to take a picture of...
I think we will be making a stop at Sam's Club on the way home from the flea market tomorrow..and see what they have for a pork shoulder.. to do on Mon..if the weather will's supposed to be good but you can never trust the weatherman. going to try the same rub on the shoulder that I make for the ribs..
Ok..Thanks again for the welcome..
Catch ya later
Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum Richard! We love it when a lurker joins the SMF Family.

I like to use the same rub on my pork butts that I use on my ribs. The only thing that I do differently is that I apply yellow mustard to the pork butts before applying the rub.

It looks like your on the right track-you're all ready moving up to a larger unit! :D

Earl D
Thanks for the welcome...This is such a great site with everyone being so helpfull..Really enjoy being here..
Wound up doing more ribs today instead of a shoulder..there wasn't much to pick from at Sam's yesterday..
Sorry it took so long to get back to ya ..the power went off at 7:30 last night and is just coming back on now...0200..someone must have hit a storm..I work nights so being up this late is normal..
Anyway.. great site..great people..glad to be here..happy to be meeting everyone.

Hi Vulcan <Richard>, Way cool.. I'm glad the ribs came out well it takes some restraint to take the pics when the food is cooked. I had a bbq lastweek and took many pics of the food, We had 22 ppl here. When I show the pics of the bbq to people they ask me "You only took pictures of the food and not the people" my reply was "The people will be around alot loner than the food will be" This weekend we smoked a brisket I'll post pics later in the "Meat Forum"

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