Another Missouri Guy here!

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Meat Mopper
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Apr 19, 2006
Moberly, MO
Hello! I just found this great forum yesterday. I decided I'd be sociable and start posting!

Grilling meat has been a long time tradition in my family. My father started making his own BBQ sauce a long time ago, and its always been a favorite of my family and whoever else tries it.

After doing a bunch of research online, I took the plunge last weekend and bought my first smoker. Its the SnP Pro.

Being the redneck that I am, if I buy something, I'm using it within the first day! So I got it home, assembled it, got it cured, and threw a pork shoulder in at 2pm in the afternoon. Big Mistake! (the first of many for the night!)

So.. a little after midnight I was pulling it off the grill. I had a nice layer of creosote (sp?) on the outside. It tasted a little funky. But, the meat inside was still wonderful. We just avoided the outer brown and we still have some leftovers!

I'm planning on making the smokestack modification sometime this week, then this sunday I'll be doing a full chicken. Hopefully I'll get the kinks worked out this time!

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from you guys!

Howdy Pyre!

Congrats on the new smoker. 8)

Good luck with the chicken. BTW, chicken likes higher heat to crisp up hte skin. You can smoke it at 225* but the skin will be rubbery. 325-350* will cook it quicker and you'll end up with edible skin.
Don't forget to rotate the bird if it starts to cook more on the side facing the firebox end.
Hi Pyre-

Glad you found this wonderful site. You'll be able to learn alot and hopefully share alot as well. It sucks when we screw up but at least we're able to learn from it. And when the mistakes are edible it's not such a bad mistake afterall. Welcome again and looking forward to hearing from you in more posts.
Hi pyre, glad to have another fellow Missorian join!!! Hey dont worry about your mistakes. With a little practice you will be turning out some great Q. Don't hesitate to ask a question, everyone is glad to help. This is a great resource!!!!
Welcome to SMF Pyre! Hope you take the opportunity to take tulsajeff's Smoking Basics eCourse. It is an excellent primer for getting started in the art of smoking. Looking forward to your future experiences.
Hey guys, thanks for the welcome and the tips! I have one newbie question, what are "skinnies" and "fatties"? I've been doing some reading here and I come across these terms a couple times now.

Thanks for the help!
Skinnies and Fatties refer to sausages done on the smoker. A fattie would be like a bulk roll of Jimmie Dean sausage and skinnes are the link type breakfast sausage. They're really good, I hope you try them sometime. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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