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    ......a while back I found a large score of Pecan wood over at a local business. Many branches down from the storms and he let me cut all I wanted.
    We had some more storms roll thru this last week and while doing a burn in the front of my property, I was surprised to see the neighbors dog wander up to me. I put Buddy in the truck and ran him home. Richard thanked me and I noticed an area on his property that had been somewhat cleared. Notice a very large oak had fallen in the storm.
    He then pointed to several trees he also had to fall to clear the oak out.

    And there they were 6 very nice Cherry trees, 7 to 9 inches thick [​IMG]
    His grandson used the forklift bulldozer and brought 3 of them by later that afternoon [​IMG]
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    Cant beat that deal. Congrats.

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