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Another Brisket queston


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I've done a couple of small briskets with pretty good results. I've got the hankering again for a little briskey this weekend. Seems like I can get a full packer for about 1.98 per pound or a flat for 4.98 per pound. But this weekend it’s just the wife and I. So here is the question. If I buy a full packer is it best to cut it raw and freeze it in chunks or do I smoke up the whole thing and freeze the leftovers? I’m thinking if I cook the whole thing up, I can freeze the leftovers in with a little beef broth and it should remain tender and good?

Am I on the right track or just dig deeper into my wallet and pick up a small flat and color it done?




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Buy the packer, cook the whole thing, have dinner, vacuum pack and freeze whatever you don't eat that night.

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Get the packer.. Smoke the whole thing.

When it is done, pull it out of the smoker and detach the flat from the point. Wrap that flat in some foil and rest it. You can insulaate with some towells or even go a step further and toss it in an ice chest to rest.

Now, take that point section and slice across the grain from one end to the other. Take the slices and continue to cut them into smaller cubes. Add some sauce / drippings and reseason with your rub or just a bit of rosemary and thyme. Place the cubes in a foil pan or something similar then put back into the smoker.

In an hour or so you'll  have some delicious "burnt ends" for appetizers and a brisky flat ready for slicing and serving..

Burnt ends...


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5 bucks a pound for brisket(flat or packer) is criminal.....As mentioned...Take the time and smoke the whole thing......The slices/whole sections seal and freeze wonderfully for a quick smokey/beefy addition to anything...I had some left-over rice and sausage from stuffing garden peppers yesterday and it needed some punch for breakfast...added some thick sliced brisket that i just cubed up after thawing.....  Brisket was frozen from a competition 2 months ago.....Delicous....
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Yep, definitely do the full packer and make it worth you while to fire up the smoker...don't forget to do burnt ends from the point.

BTW, we get packers for $1.98, center cuts (flat) for $2.98.



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Those Burnt ends.. are looking great normally I throw the left overs in the fridge and make sandwiches of the cold meat.

I will be making those Burnt ends next time....

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